How To Tell If Your Keyboard Is Mechanical?

How To Tell If Your Keyboard Is Mechanical

An average computer user places little emphasis on the type of keyboard he or she uses. For many, their affinity to a class of keyboard relates to the use and convenience of such a keyboard. There are so many types of the keyboard that has different applications in the computer society today. The most popular ones are the mechanical and membrane type of keyboards.

These classifications depend on the mechanism they operate, the ease of a click, and the efficiency with which it transitions from one key pressed to another. To be able to identify the mechanical keyboards, you need to have an understanding of how the keyboards work.

For the mechanical keyboard, the switch beneath each key consists of a plastic stem, which, when pressed, goes down to the circuit board, causing contact between two metals, this is when the computer registers the key.

For the membrane keyboards, once a key is pressed, a rubber switch placed under the essential moves to click with the circuit board. Manufacturers most likely see this as the default model that comes with the computer assembly as a result of the low production cost and technicality involved in producing these classes of keyboards.

Most top computer manufacturing firms and agencies are more after the profit maximization, and sales and so would go for that which has more comprehensive applications. You would notice upon a close survey that the mechanical keyboards or personal computers that come with the mechanical keyboard are more expensive and durable.

No one wants keyboards that won’t last the purpose of its use. You are more likely to find gamers and typists prefer the mechanical than the membrane type keyboards because of the feel and ease associated with the activation of keys. Mechanical keyboards also have a varying degree of advantages over the membrane keyboards, a few of them include:

1. Durability

The mechanical keyboards would last more due to the number of million keystrokes built with it to withstand time before they eventually begin to wear off. Think of the number of times and strokes the average computer user gives while making use of a keyboard. It starts with functions such as coding, gaming, research, and internet surfing to office functions like preparing documents, emails, excels sheets, presentations, etc.

It extends to more sophisticated features such as using computer codes to build and design machines or controlling automated operations and you would agree that you’ll need a keyboard that won’t wear out fast. The demand for a more durable keyboard would always arise. It is contrary to the lifespan of some membrane keyboards that come with our desktops.

It means more business for companies who take more interest in satisfying the need for quality keyboard by computer operators.

2. Better Feel And Typing Experience

Gamers and computer operators who have more need for typing prefer the feeling they get when they make use of the mechanical keyboards. It is since the mechanical keyboards have stems that mainly need to actuate with the circuit board before a letter is registered, thus creating a sound.

Gaming requires fast clicks of keys, and there isn’t much time to waste to ascertain whether a key has clicked or not, the sound mechanical key creates help resolve this problem. So instead of having to worry if the key just pressed has already been registered by the computer system, having sound feedback could suffice for that.

When you type documents, due to the speed involved, fingers might seem to click on some keys at random. The mechanical keyboard helps the person typing to know if a key has been pressed or not and helps him or her know when a key has been pressed unconsciously or not.

Other important factors in a mechanical keyboard are switches, stabilizers & keycaps. Switches affect the keypress feeling, and stabilizers are used to avoid unpleasant feelings from keys while typing. On the other hand, keycaps are used to cover the switches.

The mechanical keyboard switches are majorly divided into three types based on their feel – linear, tactile, and clicky switches. They all feel different. You can try them based on your preference.

3. Faster Response Time

With the mechanical keyboards, the speed with which the keys registers becomes faster. It is because there is already a mechanism that makes sure that it records once you press a key. The membrane keyboards don’t have this feature; instead, each key pressed must be appropriately pressed to make sure that the rubber dome makes contact with the circuit board.

It reduces the speed and efficiency of the computer operator for activities that require speed. Having to make sure that you press the keys hard enough so that they can actuate is enough stress to worry about, this is why many would prefer going with the extra expense to change their membrane keyboards.

How To Tell If Your Keyboard Is Mechanical

Being able to identify if a keyboard is mechanical or not depends on these two factors:

  1. Physical examination
  2. User experience

Any of these tests would work. However, for certainty and accuracy, it would be advisable to carry out the two checks. It is because, with advances in technology, computer producers are becoming more aware of the challenges faced by membrane keyboard users, and are taking measures to reduce the demerits experienced.

One who is new to the use of keyboards might not easily differentiate the feeling he has when he makes use of mechanical or membrane keyboards. He would, by experience, have to learn to compare and contrast the user experience.

It is why it is dangerous to advocate that one criterion alone should be able to distinguish both. For professionals and experts, the user experience should be able to give all the information about the type, speed, and accuracy of a keyboard.

Physical Examination

In carrying out a physical examination to determine the type of keyboard, the user would have to take off one of the keys to see if there’s a switch beneath. Most times, it is a colored plastic stem that allows the keys to click when pressed down; this would signify that the keyboard is a mechanical one.

On the other hand, if what exists under the key is a membrane material housing, a rubber component that has little or no distance with the circuit board, this would be a membrane keyboard. Most of the time, you would notice that the membrane keyboards are found mostly in laptops.

We are most likely to see it in laptops as a result of the portable design that comes with them. In reducing their size, the membrane keyboards are best for this purpose. On the other hand, most desktops have a higher tendency to come with mechanical keyboards.

User Experience

It has proven to be the central focus when identifying keyboards by examining the experience one derives while using it. As earlier stated, the membrane keyboards make no sound when you press the keys because of the rubber switch that registers the keys.

It is not so for the mechanical keyboards; their construction allows for spring to bring in contact two metallic parts, thereby causing a click. As one uses the keyboard, the click signifies that a key or character register on the circuit board.

The mechanical keyboards also have a more rigid feel attached to them as a result of the spring structure they carry. The membrane keyboards don’t have this structure since they are made to be slimmer and have a shorter distance between the keys and the circuit board.

The membrane keyboards enable more smooth transitions between keys. Since the keys don’t have to depreciate so much before they actuate, it allows a swifter transition from one character to another.

The disadvantage here is a higher possibility of having to glide past letters without registration by the keyboard. It increases the level of inefficiency and wastes a lot of time as a lot of effort is still being put into editing and making sure the right letter is in the right place.


The experience you derive from each type of keyboard would determine your ability to use it effortlessly. It is why in choosing the kind of keyboard to purchase; many buyers anchor their selection on the experience they seek.

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