How To Watch Youtube In Background Iphone?

you can use safari and have the youtube video playing while you use other apps.
you can use the youtube app and have the video playing while you use other apps.
you can’t use safari and the youtube app at the same time.

Can you play YouTube in the background on iPhone?

You can check if a YouTube video is playing in the background if you look at the little circle in the bottom right corner of the video.

Can you watch YouTube on iPhone while using other apps?

You can watch YouTube videos while using other apps on iPhone. To do that, open the YouTube app and then press the Home button to return to the home screen. You can then use other apps while the YouTube video plays in the background.

How can I watch YouTube on my iPhone while browsing?

An alternative way to watch YouTube videos is to use Picture in Picture. For this, open the YouTube app. Then press the home button and drag the video to the top of the screen. The video will now play in a small window at the top of your screen while you browse.

How do I get YouTube app to play in the background?

You can’t play YouTube videos in the background on an iPhone, but you can listen to music on YouTube (or anything else) while doing other things on your phone. You can just open YouTube and press the home button, and the music will keep playing while you’re doing other things.

How do I listen to YouTube with 2021 screen off?

The second method is to use an extension called TubeMate. One thing that you need to know is that if your phone is running into low battery, the extension could stop working. You’ll notice this by the battery icon being blue. This means that the app is unable to get the information from YouTube necessary to play the videos and it uses background data. If you don’t have any YouTube viewing on the app, you’ll notice a big blue “no signal” icon. But if you have viewing on the app and your phone is running low on battery you’ll see the “no signal” icon change to a blue battery and eventually a red battery.

How do I listen to YouTube without being on the app?

There are two ways to listen to the YouTube app. The first option is to open the website in a web browser. The second option is to use a third-party app.

How can I play YouTube in the background of my iPhone 2021?

YouTube, which is the second largest search engine on the internet allows users to play videos in the background of their iPhone but it’s not free.

How do you get YouTube to play in the background on IOS 14?

YouTube++ is a paid app, but is pretty handy for playing videos in the background. Safari can do this too. Just open a tab to YouTube in Safari, then press the “Home” button and the video will continue playing in the background.

How do I minimize YouTube on iPhone ios 15?

You can minimize YouTube on your iPhone by pressing the home button twice, then swipe left or right, and then go to Settings and select General. Under Usage, there is an option to “Show On Home Screen”. It’s an easy way to hide the YouTube app on your iPhone.

How do I minimize YouTube app on iPhone?

To make the YouTube app stay on your iPhone’s screen, you can tap the Airplane Mode icon on your iPhone’s Control Center and turn on the airplane mode. This will turn off the mobile phone and disable all of the phone’s wireless features, and cause the YouTube app to stay on your iPhone’s screen.

How do I watch YouTube while using another app?

To watch YouTube and other content while using another app, you can use the picture-in-picture (PIP) mode. Press the square button in the bottom right corner of the screen for YouTube and the other app will be displayed on the upper right corner of the screen. To exit PIP mode: touch the video on the upper right corner and then press the button in the upper left corner.

How do I watch YouTube while in another app?

One way is to open the YouTube app and then press the home button to exit the app. That will keep the YouTube app open in the background, and you can use it to play videos without it stopping.

How do you watch YouTube and multitask on iPhone?

Another way to multitask on YouTube is to use the Picture in Picture feature. This feature allows you to watch a video in a small window while you are doing other things on your phone, like taking pictures. To use this feature, open the YouTube app and find the video that you want to watch. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the video and select “Picture in Picture”.

How do I play YouTube in audio mode?

If you are using the Firefox web browser, you will see a small white speaker icon in the top right corner of the video. On the Windows version of the browser, the icon will say “Microphone.” Click on that icon, and the video will start in the “Audio Only” mode.

How do you put a YouTube video in the corner of your iPhone screen?

There are several ways to allow you to see YouTube videos on your iPhone in a small window while you use other apps. YouTube++ is one of these, but it doesn’t work in all situations.

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