Is It Easy To Cancel Zoosk?

Open you mobile browser and go to To the top left corner, click on the 3 lines within the top of the screen. Then, at the bottom, tap on “Cancel subscription”.

How do I cancel Zoosk?

You can cancel you subscription by following the steps below:1. Open Zoosk’s “Settings” page.2. Click on the “Cancel Subscription” link at the bottom of the page.3. Follow the instructions to complete a cancellation request.4. Please note, if you have purchased a subscription to Zoosk Plus or Premium Services, you will have to contact our Customer Care Center directly for assistance with cancelling these subscriptions, via email at or by calling them directly using one of their numbers provided in their FAQs here.

What is the cancellation process for Zoosk?

The cancellation process is different depending on how you originally signed up for your Zoosk account (Facebook versus through invitation code or link). If you signed up using Facebook, simply delete any and all parts of your profile that contain personal information and then send a request to remove the app from your Facebook account. If you originally used an invitation code or link to sign up, please refer to the Invitation Code Removal section below.If you haven’t already done so, we recommend removing as much personal info as possible from your Zoosk public profile before cancelling as it cannot be recovered once deleted as there is no “back” button in the profile edit screen. Once this has been done, go ahead and cancel following one of the methods above.

Is it safe to access my account on another device?

If you have canceled Zoosk and want to use it again, then you’ll have to use your previously deleted account unless you cancel it again. Otherwise, if you’re still within your trial period, we highly recommend against using another device for messaging purposes in order to avoid being charged extra fees. In addition, deleting the app from your mobile device doesn’t fully cancel your account, such as logging into the desktop website would do. The only way to fully cancel your account is to follow the methods above.

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