Is It Possible To Delete A League Of Legends Account?

Contact customer support if you’re unable to access your account. You may either completely erase or deactivate your account. If you erase your account, it will be completely deleted and there will be no going back. You may not be able to restore the account once it’s been deleted.

Is there a way to delete a riot account?

A verification process for ownership of your Riot Games account is now available.

Can I reset my League of Legends account?

If your Riot Games or League of Legends account has been hacked, the Riot Games Player Support team can assist. We can’t restore deleted accounts, but we can help you reactivate your account. If you notify us that you wish your account be discontinued, it will be removed from existence for 30 days!

Is Buying league accounts illegal?

It has been reported that the terms of use of “account trading” are in violation of the platform rules and in the process of being tightened.

Can riot IP ban?

A real life example of this would be someone stealing your social security number from your employment application and using it to get a new job.

Can I sell LoL account?

Make sure to include any additional information when you’re ready to sell your League of Legends account. You may get a lot more money for your League of Legends account if it is well-known.

How long do League accounts last?

When you create a character, the name must be active for six months to be protected. With every level, you add three months to the name’s inactivity protection. You can have up to 30 months of inactivity protection, which can be activated as many times as applicable.

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