Is Surveymonkey No Longer Free?

No, SurveyMonkey is no longer free. SurveyMonkey used to be free. It now has a paid plan which allows you to create up to 100 surveys and receive up to 100 responses every month.

Is SurveyMonkey still free?

With SurveyMonkey you can create surveys and questionnaires, as well as poll questionnaires, as long as you have a free trial account. The basic version is free. You can upgrade to a paid account if you need more questions.

How can I get SurveyMonkey for free?

There are a few different ways to get a free account on SurveyMonkey. You can sign up for a free account, which allows you to send a few surveys and collect responses. You can also use the free version of SurveyMonkey’s survey builder to create a survey or report. Additionally, you can use the free SurveyMonkey Audience tool to collect feedback on a survey.

What happened to SurveyMonkey?

The company was acquired and it was being acquired at a value of $2 billion with the price being kept private. It was announced that free service would be discontinued.

Is Typeform free?

Typeform is free to use for individuals and businesses. There are some premium features that are available for purchase, if you want them.

Does SurveyMonkey have a monthly plan?

A You also can purchase SurveyMonkey’s plan for $12.13 per month. You can access features, like premium options and question logic, and also unlimited surveys.

Can I cancel my SurveyMonkey subscription?

The account is automatically renewed at the end of each subscription period for up to 12 months.

Are Google Forms free?

It’s a tool that makes it easy to make polls, surveys, and questionnaires.

Is SurveyMonkey better than Google forms?

It depends on what you want out of a survey tool. For example, Google Forms is much easier to use and less complicated than SurveyMonkey. It’s important to know if you’re looking for something with a lot of options or something simple.

What is SurveyMonkey now called?

The name change was ordered because the company decided to drop the WorldPulse name as it had the potential to hurt the company’s search engine products.

How much did SurveyMonkey sell for?

The company was bought by Vista Equity Partners for a total of $2 billion in cash. Also, the number of shares increased as a result.

Why has SurveyMonkey changed its name?

SurveyMonkey is changing its name to reflect the fact that it’s not only meant to help companies use survey, but also people who are analyzing their data.

Can you cancel a SurveyMonkey subscription after 1 month?

We can cancel your surveymonkey subscription easily, go to your account settings to cancel it and it will automatically cancel your surveymonkey subscription without asking you.

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