Plagiarism: The Types and How to Avoid It


Every student should deliver papers without plagiarism, no matter if they order them from an online essay writing service or write by their own efforts. This article involves the main types of plagiarism and ways how to shun them. 

Reasons for Using Plagiarism

If you are a student, you must know that one of the most important requirements of all paper assignments is a unique paper. Your homework written papers should not include a sign of plagiarism. If a teacher finds out you provide a plagiarized article, you will for sure get a low mark.

You can include plagiarism in your paper work for many reasons.

  • You may have a tight deadline. Therefore you do not have enough time to write a paper work from scratch.
  • You are maybe a bit lazy. Instead of spending time and sometimes sleepless nights writing numerous paper assignments, you will select to cheat a little by copying several paragraphs from another paper work. 
  • You have no confidence in your strengths. Maybe you have missed several classes and are not sure if you can write a paper work by your own efforts. You may think you do not have enough knowledge on a subject. Therefore, you may select to take some information from other sources.
  • You have difficulties with paraphrasing source material without plagiarizing.

Also, if you decide to buy your paper work in an essay writing service, be prepared you can receive a plagiarized article. Therefore, you should rely only on trustworthy companies that guarantee to deliver your papers without plagiarism.

Main Types of Plagiarism

Before preparing yourself to avoid plagiarism, you should be aware of its types. Note that if you use any of these types in your paper work can lead to really bad consequences.

  • Verbatim/mosaic type. It means utilizing the same words, phrases, or sentences precisely as it has emerged elsewhere without utilizing a quotation.
  • Paraphrasing type. It means utilizing vast content from other sources by simply changing the language.
  • Cyber plagiarism type. It means simply copying content from the Internet.
  • Image plagiarism. Except for text plagiarism, there can be plagiarism of images. It means utilizing images that were published in other places and passing them off as your own. Even if you cite the original source in the references, it will still be considered plagiarism. There is a need to cite the original source directly below the image.

If you do not want to upset your teacher by delivering a plagiarized paper, we advise allocating some time to the writing process in order to present unique paperwork.

Ways of Shunning Plagiarism

Now, after you sort out the types of plagiarism, we can move to ways on how to avoid it.

  • Analyze the consequences of plagiarism. You should understand that if you use plagiarism, you can get not only a low grade for paperwork. Your reputation can suffer. If you are caught by a teacher once, you can lose his/her trust. Moreover, you will be controlled twice as much in order to prevent you from using plagiarism again.
  • Write paper works on uncommon topics. The more complicated your theme, the more probability that it was not discussed by someone else. The fewer sources you will find, the more possibilities will appear to write a paper by your own efforts. You can select difficult topics for assignments and ask essay writing services to write them instead of you. But you should rely only on reputable and checked companies.
  • Improve your organizational skills. One of the most widespread reasons for using plagiarism is lack of time. Therefore, you should work on your time management in order to plan all things properly. If you know you have an urgent task, you should try to dedicate all your time to preparedness. Do not leave the writing process to the last day. If you have enough time for the writing process by your own efforts, there will not be a necessity to use plagiarism.
  • Even if you missed classes, there is no need to panic. Ask your teacher to present materials of missed classes to you, take an interest in what topics were discussed. Try to allocate time to catch up with the missed material.
  • In order to raise confidence in your strengths, analyze what expertise and knowledge you have already had in many areas. If you want to increase knowledge in a concrete sphere, read interesting books or watch educational movies.
  • Study citation rules. Nobody forbids you to take some ideas from other sources. But the important thing is to cite them correctly. If you make references, this will not be regarded as plagiarism.

Now you know how to avoid plagiarism. Note that the absence of plagiarism is the most important requirement of any paper assignment.

Rely on Professionals

If you still can’t avoid plagiarism and do not want to be caught by your teacher, we have a solution for you. Place orders in an essay writing service. Here you should be twice as careful as nobody wants to pay money and get a fully plagiarized article. Therefore, select the writing company with responsibility and attentiveness.

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