The Easiest Solutions to Remove Backgrounds and Objects from Photos

It’s common to have an image that is otherwise perfect, except for some background details that ruin the composition. Good news—you no longer have to worry about this. AI-powered editing solutions quickly and conveniently remove objects from photos or change the background altogether. Read the article to discover the most popular online tools, apps, and graphic editors for background removal; suitable for both aspiring designers and creators.

Top free online tools to remove image backgrounds 

Depositphotos Background Remover

Depositphotos background remover is a free online tool that removes backdrops from images in one click. You simply have to upload an image or drag and drop your file onto the webpage. A backgroundless result will be available in seconds. The important aspect is that the tool doesn’t tamper with the quality of your picture. The color, resolution, and detail of the image remain the same. 

Depositphotos Background Remover stores user images for seven days and deletes them afterward. Therefore, it is completely safe to use for personal and commercial purposes.

  • Pro: You can process as many images as you want for free. 
  • Con: The tool does not allow batch processing; you can remove the background from one picture at a time. helps you quickly remove objects from images online and is free of cost. Its removal process is straightforward and the user interface is beginner-friendly. The final image has a transparent background that can be easily edited to suit your needs. You can restore or erase image parts, blur backdrops, and replace backgrounds with a new image or solid color.  

  • Pro: This picture object remover quickly processes complex graphics.
  • Con: It is not possible to erase backgrounds for multiple images simultaneously. automatically isolates foreground objects from backgrounds and removes the latter. The processed image can come with a transparent or a customized backdrop. The tool also has the option to add shadow and text and adjust opacity, contrast, brightness, noise, and blur levels. You can process multiple images in one go. 

  • Pro: The tool’s bulk upload feature is quick and convenient.
  • Con: You must purchase a subscription to download high-resolution results. 

Top apps to remove objects from photos


PhotoDirector is a user-friendly photo editing app that removes objects from photos with the help of AI-powered tools. The app also offers a bunch of useful photo editing features like color correction, filters, and more. PhotoDirector also provides an in-built library with HD images that can be used as new backgrounds for your pictures. The app supports most image file formats and can produce high-quality print materials.  

  • Pro: The app has a user-friendly interface that is perfect for beginner creators.
  • Con: The app menu can be a bit slow at times.

YouCam Perfect 

YouCam Perfect is a popular app available for Android and iOS devices for optimizing selfies and removing objects and effects from pictures. It is not a dedicated background removal app but a complete package for picture editing. You can quickly check the “before” and “after” while post-processing your images. YouCam Perfect app is safe for use, as it doesn’t store or share your personal information with third parties under the assurance of Perfect Corp.

  • Pro: The app is free to use.
  • Con: Customer support can be slow at times. 

Photo Retouch 

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Photo Retouch offers a simple picture editing workflow. Select the background parts that need to be removed, and the app will independently process and deliver results. This makes the app easy-to-use for creators who want to edit their visuals quickly and effortlessly. 

  • Pro: The app offers a simple tutorial that guides you through object removal.
  • Con: The app has ads that can slow down the processing. 

Top free photo editors with an object removal feature


Fotor is a popular editor that is well-designed to suit the needs of creators. It offers multiple simple editing features and guarantees quick image manipulations. Fotor offers more than just a background removal tool. It is a comprehensive photo editing solution that allows you to create a design and add graphic effects to your images after the removal process. Fotor also provides editing templates to suit various social media requirements.

  • Pro: The editor supports batch processing.
  • Con: Fotor offers a Pro paid version that includes more creative editing options. 


PicWish is a beginner-friendly photo editing website with a straightforward interface and intuitive navigation. The tool quickly processes images and creates transparent backgrounds that you can edit further in the same workspace. The machine learning technology ensures automation. Also, you can process up to 100 pictures simultaneously. 

  • Pro: PicWish ensures high-quality downloads.
  • Con: The editor supports batch processing only in the Mac app.


PhotoRoom is an AI-powered image background changer and editor, suitable for aspiring and seasoned creators. Its backdrop removal tool supports JPG and PNG images of all sizes, aspect ratios, and dimensions. The solution also offers numerous creative background templates, a profile picture maker, and batch editing.

  • Pro: The editor offers all of its features completely free of cost.
  • Con: The app version works better. 

How do these solutions work?

The apps, photo editors, and online tools described above employ AI-based technology and machine learning algorithms to remove objects from photos. The algorithms designed to remove objects or replace backgrounds are trained on millions of images to provide quicker and more precise results. This training has helped the technology with identifying foreground objects and eliminating backgrounds accurately. 


Photo background removal is a widespread editing process that creators require for personal and commercial purposes. Using traditional graphic software like Adobe Photoshop for object removal can be difficult for beginners. Luckily, with AI-powered online tools, apps, and photo editors, object and background removal has become quick, accurate, and effortless. Check out the solutions presented in this article to choose the best tool that’s free, intuitive, accurate, and uncompromising on picture quality.


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