What Does The Yellow Lightning Bolt Mean On Pof?

The “Super Like” symbol can be recognized by its yellow lightning bolt. When you like someone, the lightning bolt will be on the profile.

What does the lightning bolt do on Plenty of Fish?

The lightning bolt is now used when you type the message “online now” into the text box.

What does yellow lightning bolt mean?

a yellow lightning bolt means that there is a hazard ahead, and you need to be careful.

What does the red lighting bolt mean on match com?

The red lightning bolt on your account indicates a temporary freeze and you’re blocked from using Match while your account is under review.

What does the heart mean on Plenty of Fish?

The people on Plenty of Fish are very friendly and like sharing their stories, which often leads to a quick friendship. A perfect way to meet new people.

What does the black heart mean on POF?

Black heart icon is a picture that users who have blocked other users have posted on Plenty of Fish dating site.

What is dark lightning?

Lightning is invisible to the naked eye, the light it emits is so bright that it can be seen for miles.

What color lightning is the strongest?

It is not exactly the same for all colors of lightning but it is generally agreed that blue lightning is the strongest. It is typically associated with thunderstorms and they are generally more powerful than the other types of storms.

Is lightning yellow or white?

Lightning can be seen in all colors. It’s best to watch for red, purple, blue and yellow.

What does a yellow dot on match mean?

This is a special kind of match.

What does a yellow circle on match mean?

A yellow circle on a matchstick could be lit to show that a match is finished.

What does it mean when there is no dot on match?

They’re not equal to each other.

What happens when someone deletes their POF profile?

If someone deletes their POF profile, it will cause the person to be permanently deleted from the site. This means that all of their posts will be permanently removed from the site, their posts will be permanently erased, and all of their data will be permanently removed from the site.

Can I unlike someone on POF?

You can also like comments and other content on POF. To like something, just click the heart symbol in the top right corner.

What does watching mean in POF?

When using the word “watching” in the context of Plenty of Fish, it means that you are interested in someone and are waiting for them to send you a message via Plenty of Fish.

What does it mean when a conversation disappears on POF?

The other person might have deleted their account and blocked you. If you suspect that the other person has blocked you, you can try search for their profile on a different site or use a different browser.

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