What Happens When You Uninstall Grindr?

When you delete the app, the profile won’t be ok anymore. The profile will however show up still in your inboxes and in those of the people you messaged. Grindr has shown up in my experience on the grid after I deleted the app from my phone.

Will anybody be able to see who is looking for them even if they delete their profile from the app?

Grindr will stop showing that person as “online” and will no longer show them as a user of the app. When you exit out of the app and remove it, people searching for your user name online will not be able to find you.>The app only keeps the contacts that it shows for 48 hours after they’ve been found, so if nobody looks at these profiles within this time frame, they’ll disappear from the “Lonely?” listings.>People can still see the number of conversations that I’ve had online which is about 10 people or less without having access to my profile first. They won’t know my location though.>Grindr allows you to delete your profile, photos, and chats that have not been favorited or sent/received. Go to “Settings” at the bottom of the main menu. Scroll all the way down until you find “Clear Cache.” Click on “Clear Cache” to erase your chat history. To clear your list of people who are online, go back to settings and click on “Delete Profile.”.

Can somebody find me if I deleted my account from the app?

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How do you delete a profile on Grindr?  

Your entire history and profile pictures will be deleted by Grindr. To delete your profile, open the Grindr app > Settings > Delete ProfileOnce you have that done, it’s gone for good. You’ll have to make a new account if you want to download the app again in the future.If you can’t delete your profile after following those steps, please reach out to us at help@grindr.com. We’re happy to help!

What will happen to my profiles and photos after I uninstall Grindr?

A Grindr for iOS will delete all your contacts, favorites, and your chats if you remove the Grindr app from your iOS phone.

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