Where Is Gmail Backup Data Stored?

Open your phone’s settings. Tap system backup. Tap back up account. Tap the account that you want to use for backups.

Where are my Gmail backup files?

Menus appear in the Google Drive app when you press the menu button. Backups are available on Google Drive.

How do I retrieve backed up data?

Go to the Settings app from your device main screen. You’ll find the option to check on the Google Drive backup. Tap on the feature to see what apps are being backed up.

How do I view my Google backup on PC?

If you go to drive on Google.com and sign in, you can backup your files. Click on the number on the bottom left menu. Click on backups on the top menu bar. Click on Backups. Select a backup and click on it. Delete a backup – just right click it and select delete.

Where are my Google backup photos?

Open the Google Phot app on your Android phone or tablet. Sign in to your Google Account. Tap your account profile photo or initial at the top right. Tap your account name to see if you can’t connect to your Google Accounts. Learn how to resolve problems with your Google account and Google Photos if they occur.

How can I recover my Gmail data?

Start by logging in to Spanning Backup for G Suite. nChoose Gmail from the drop-down menu. nFor the email to be restored, select either Date Range or Subject Line. nThen click Restore.

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