Why Are All My Followers Gone On Twitter After Deactivation?

Twitter’s deactivation process is meant to remove everything about you from their servers. This includes the tweets that you have posted, your followers, and any other data related to your account.

Why is my twitter account deactivated?

You are having problems with your Twitter account, therefore, you can read the instructions that are in the email that is sent to your email address.

Why are my followers gone on twitter after deactivation?

Deactivate your account, if you don’t want your followers to see what you are posting, you can reactivate your account to change your settings.

When will my account be reactivated?

We can reactivate your account after 14 days. If your account was disabled for other reasons, please contact us.

How do I reactivate my account?

If you can not remember your password, click on the ‘forgot password’ link and you can use your email address to set up a new password.

What if I don’t have a twitter account?

If you want to read the tweets of others, you can use Twitter’s search feature to find it. Don’t have a Twitter account? Use the Twitter website.

Why are all my followers gone on twitter after deactivation?

Your Twitter followers will not be deleted, but they can unfollow you. They can still see your tweets, and they will see them until the end of the following day.

Why did my followers disappear on twitter?

Follow as much as you can while your account is active and you will not lose followers.

Why is my account deactivated?

Deactivated accounts are accounts which are no longer active. Most people who have their account deactivated are accounts that have been inactive for some period of time and no longer offer any value to the community. People will sometimes choose to deactivate their account for a number of reasons.

Why are all my followers gone on twitter after deactivation?

If you deactivate your Twitter account all your friends will lose you. This is because Twitter will remove all of your friends if you deactivate your account.

Can I get a refund on my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription from within 24 hours of signing up, our team will return the amount that you have paid.

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