Why Can’t I Delete Outlook Emails On My Ipad?

I found a solution to delete Outlook emails on my IPAD. I put the email on the IPAD and then press the home button.

Why can’t I delete Outlook emails on my IPAD?

Messages may be deleted from your iPad, only for them to reappear in your inbox the next time you check it. If you are having trouble with this, go to the “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” app and select the account. Select the “Advanced” from the drop-down menu.

Why can’t I delete Outlook emails on my iPad?

Set the Delete Mailbox option to Trash and make sure that the emails can be erased. Then set common settings for your iPhone or iPad and disable Mail. Your device should then restart automatically. If that does not work, restart it manually.

Why are my emails not deleting on my iPad?

Go to ‘settings’ and switch the ‘mail’ option and set the option for “Ask before deleting” on.

How do I delete Outlook emails from my iPad?

To remove emails in the Outlook app for iPhone and iPad, tap and hold on an email in the Message list and swipe it away from view. Tap the Trash can next to an open email.

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