Why Can’t I Sign In To Flickr?

If you are having trouble logging into your older Flickr account, we can help you. We are not sure of what is wrong with your account.

Why can’t I sign in to Flickr?

If you have lost access to your old Flickr account with a username instead of an email address, we can reset the access to your account using your current email address.

How do I log into Flickr without Yahoo?

You can’t use Yahoo ID or your username anymore, instead, you need to use email ids.

Can I sign up for Flickr with Gmail?

So starting today you can use your Google account to sign up for a new Flickr account. And for existing Flickr users we’re pleased to announce that you can now sign in with your Google log-in too.

What about Google users who already have a linked account?

We are rolling out the Google+ features by the end of this year. So users will soon be able to use their real names on our services and sign into the service using their accounts (or the accounts of their friends) on third-party services they use. We are especially excited about the Google+ features since it allows users to sign in using their real name.

Will OpenID 2.0 change my experience?

The service will be better because it will be more like it is now with less security concerns. It won’t be more secure because they already have Facebook and Google+ but the sign-in experience will be better. Not sure what they mean.

I’m still worried. Is there anything I should do?

Yes! The best thing you can do is let your friends know that the new login system is being rolled out across various services. Even if you don’t plan on using OpenID 2.0 yourself, we’d love you to spread the word about this feature since it’s easier than ever to get people involved with Flickr and sharing photos — leading to more awesome photos shared around the world through your mutual connections. And of course we also want to ensure members are aware of all the new features and can make the most out of their Flickr experience. To that end, we’ve created a help page with some basic info on how to use the new OpenID 2.0 login system so members will notice the change first when logging in via Facebook.

I’m still not sure I understand. Can you give me an even simpler explanation?

Imagine that you work for a business and your boss needs to access your flickr.com account. Well, your boss can use your flickr login to go to flickr.com. If your boss is not able to visit flickr.com directly, they will need to sign up for their own Flickr account. With OpenID 2.0, your boss will simply need to enter your flickr email address to sign in as you. If they are not able to access flickr.com directly, they will be able to log in to your account via their email address.

Will I be able to buy Pro upgrades this way?

A friend of mine got into an argument with her husband about this. She wanted him to update the photo’s privacy settings so that only she can view it. He didn’t want to. But the thing is, when her profile on Flickr was linked to her email address it was easier to get to her email address than to her Flickr account. And if she was trying to keep it secret, she had already given up her email address to Flickr to be a Flickr member, so she had no choice but to use her email address to log-in to her Flickr account.

What does this mean? Are all my existing accounts now invalid?

There is a way to access your photos, but only if you have an existing account. In other words — you do not have to create a fresh account, but the next time you visit Flickr, there will be a new “openid login” button at the login form and you may need to sign in using that.

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