Why I Cant Delete My Wechat Account?

Any idea where is the “wechat” account is saved?

As far as I know, it’s stored in the local database of your phone, which is saved in your Application Data folder. See the picture of my WeChat app on my phone.

Is it possible to delete WeChat account?

You can also delete your account from the Settings page. On this page, go to Account Settings, then click on Delete My Account.

How do I delete my WeChat account on mobile?

To delete your WeChat account on your mobile device, follow the on screen instructions to access your account settings, then tap accounts and tap the account you want to delete from. From there, tap delete account to confirm removal.

How can I delete my WeChat account 2022?

If you want to delete your WeChat account 2022, please follow these steps:
Log in to your WeChat account.Click on the three lines in the top right corner of the screen.Under “My Account”, click on “Settings”.Under “Account Type”, select “Wechat Account”.On the next page, under “Delete My Account”, click on “Yes”.

How do I know if my WeChat account is deleted?

If you have an WeChat account, you can check the status of your account by visiting wechat.com. The website will show that your account has been deleted.

How can I permanently delete my WeChat account on Android?

To delete your account through the app, go to your WeChat app’s main menu (the three lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen), then select “Account Settings.” On the next screen, under “Account Type,” select “WeChat Official Account.

How do I permanently delete my WeChat account on iPhone?

If you have an iPhone, you can delete your WeChat account easily. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on WeChat.Under “Account Details,” tap on “Delete Account.”If you have multiple WeChat accounts, select the account you want to delete.Tap on the account name and then tap on “Delete.

How do I unlink my phone number from WeChat?

To unlink your cell phone number from WeChat, you must open the WeChat app on your phone. Under the account’s settings, you must select your phone number from the list. You can also click on the red circle below your phone number to deactivate it.

Is WeChat safe?

WeChat is a secure messaging app, with over 900 million active users. It encrypted all messages, with encryption of AES-256 bit.

Why is my WeChat account blocked?

The reasons for your account being blocked are many.

Can I make a new WeChat account with same number?

In order to maintain your personal information, you can create a new WeChat account with the same number. However, you must lose the old account and lose all of your personal information.

Can you have 2 WeChat accounts?

[Answer]: First you need to have 2 phone numbers, and one of them should be an iPhone. You must have one WeChat account that is linked to your iPhone number. Then you add another WeChat account that is linked to your Android or other smartphone, and you need to set up 2 phone number to each WeChat account.

Can I register WeChat without phone number?

If you do not have a phone number, you can use your computer or phone to sign in to WeChat.

How do I unfreeze my WeChat account?

If you have a Chinese phone, you can log into WeChat from the phone’s settings. Then tap Accounts and Sync. Tap WeChat and then Freeze Account.

How do I unsubscribe from non China wallet on WeChat?

To unsubscribe from a non China wallet on WeChat, go to the account settings page and uncheck the box next to the wallet you want to unsubscribe from. The list of wallets can be found here.

What happens if I log out of WeChat?

If you log out of WeChat, you’ll lose your balance and your messages. You might want to add your friends to your Favorites list so you can still chat with them.

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