Why Is My Pof Account Not Working?

While the company is investigating this issue, your account may be temporarily disabled pending a review. Wait two days and then try signing in again if your file is being reviewed for any reason, such as because another user reported it. Look back through your past activity on the account if you still can’t access it after two days.

Why is my POF login not working?

In order to keep your login secure, you can not login to your account while your profile is disabled. If you have been blocked, you will have 48 hours to login again. If you still cannot login, you will be notified in the mail.

What happened to my Plenty of Fish account?

The site has access to technology and a large userbase that it uses to identify inappropriate pictures. These are then deleted from your profile.

Is POF down at the moment?

We can confirm that the Pof.com website is active and working properly. The status of the site is shown on the graph above. The time of the last check is based on automatic data. The time of the previous check is also shown. The response time is shown as a blue bar.

Has POF been hacked?

French cybersecurity firm detects a “very serious” attack against French news website Le Monde. The attack was carried out by hackers who had inside access to Le Monde, allowing them to steal passwords and login information of almost 200,000 Monde.fr users. The passwords were reset and the cybersecurity company is conducting an investigation.

Why am I locked out of my POF account?

To reset your password, you need to go to the POF profile and make sure that you’re the rightful owner of the account. If the account is not yours, POF will contact you and help you.

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