10 Online Games You Can Play on Chromebook

The best Chromebook games offer lots in terms of excitement, thrills, action, and adventure, and thanks to the Google Play Store there are increasingly more and more titles for us to enjoy. The store has everything from racing games to a blackjack guide, with everything else in between. Here are 10 of the best online games you can play on your Chromebook.

Among Us

In this incredibly popular multiplayer game, players are either Crewmate astronauts or Imposter astronauts. Because Among Us is optimized for Chromebooks, players will be able to enjoy it in all its full-screen glory. In fact, Among Us is already pre-installed on some Chromebooks.

The Ramp

The Ramp, Crescent Moon Games’ latest hit, lets you channel your inner Tony Hawk. Demonstrate your skateboarding skills by performing 360-degree flips or 720-degree tail grabs. Take your time and land mind-blowing tricks without worrying about scores or leaderboard positions, as there are no high scores, missions, or bosses in this game.


In Roblox, you get to create your own worlds and games, resulting in almost limitless possibilities for gamers and developers alike. Now anyone can become a game developer by creating their own game via Roblox on their Chromebook. Squid-Game-inspired Roblox competitions in which gamers from around the world play Red Light, Green Light, are currently some of the most popular games in the Roblox universe.

Pokémon Quest

With Pokémon Quest, one of the most adorable Pokémon games to date, you journey to Tumblecube Island with brick-based versions of your favorite Pokémon, such as Pikachu (the starter option). In this typically cute game you get to meet Pokémon that look like they’re straight out of Minecraft. A touchscreen Chromebook is required to play.

Bullet Hell Monday

You can play this vertically scrolling, arcade-style, old-school shooter on Android devices and Chromebooks. The aptly named bullet-hell shmup style of gameplay is just perfect for mobiles and Chromebooks. Created by Masayuki Ito, Bullet Hell Monday shakes up the traditional shmup orthodoxy with an unusual approach to game progression, whereby the player has to fulfill certain tasks in order to proceed. Basically, it’s just heaps of fun!

Alto’s Odyssey

Endless-runner Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to popular side-scrolling snowboarding game Alto’s Adventure. This time around, however, acrobatic Alto is riding a sandboard rather than a snowboard. Alto’s Odyssey’s vibrant and calming visuals are just as soothing as its predecessor, complete with increasingly lush locales. There’s even a special Zen mode if you’re feeling particularly chilled. Because there are no onscreen controls to tap, even larger screens are suitable for playing the game.

Sniper 3D

Hone your skills as the best video game sniper on the planet. Complete assignments by taking targets out of the game. Save hostages, protect banks from heists, and prevent all manner of unscrupulous deeds in this action-packed and exciting game.



Threes is a puzzle game with highly addictive qualities that will ensure that you spend more time on your Chromebook than ever before! Move tiles and add them together in the grid to solve the puzzles. You will begin with 1s and 2s, and then proceed by adding matching tiles to grid them together. 3s will match with 3s, 4s with 4s, and so on. Threes also features a great soundtrack with stunning sound effects and visuals. The game has touch-screen control support delivering an extra immersive experience.

Into the Dead 2

If you’re looking for possibly one of the best action games for your Chromebook, then look no further than Into the Dead 2. If you’re after creepy, thrilling, apocalyptic, zombie-infested survival action (and who isn’t?!), then you’ve come to the right place. The game throws you into the center of a zombie apocalypse where you step into the shoes of a man who walked a little further away from home than he should have done. Now he needs to get back to his family, but a horde of zombies is in his way. We don’t need to tell you what happens next! Suffice to say that Into the Dead 2 is one of the most action-packed titles available for Chromebook, and its auto-running gameplay style is ideally suited to the platform.

Asphalt 9: Legends

The most recent version of the Asphalt series runs really well on Chrome OS. As a whole, the game is extremely playable but we recommend using the touchscreen controls and rotating your screen horizontally for the best gaming experience. Keyboard controls are available when playing Asphalt 9, but the touch-based mechanisms and gestures are much better for touchscreen-enabled Chromebooks if you’re lucky enough to have one.

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