Are Apple Headphones Waterproof?

Are Apple Headphones Waterproof

Wait a minute; are Apple headphones waterproof as many claim? Well, Apple has an eye for quality. So, anyone would expect all their brands to come with some touch of class. One of those qualities is being water-resistant. The Apple Watch, with its luxury Apple Watch bands are water-resistant, meaning you can dance under the rain with it. However, if you have the headphone and you’re skeptical about whether it’s waterproof or not, then know that you have come to the right place for answers. Let’s look at the answer to the below question;

Are Apple headphones waterproof?

First off, Apple never said their headphones are waterproof or water-resistant. Whoever is nursing such claims needs to get that straight. Submerging the Apple headphone in water can damage it. You might be able to dance with it under the rain, but keep in mind that the headphone may stop working when water penetrates inside. So, if you’re not ready to deep hands into your pocket to buy another headphone made by Apple, ensure it doesn’t come anywhere near water. 

That’s the answer to the question, and I hope it has ended any skepticism you had of Apple’s headphones being waterproof. Continue reading for more information to make an informed decision when the need arises.

Tips For A Longer Lifespan For Apple Headphones

Whatever your money goes into needs your attention. Even if it’s just an Apple headphone, you must ensure it last a bit longer. Let’s say you just got a new headphone to continue listening to your favorite songs. It’s all good and quite a fortune, giving how expensive Apple products can sometimes be.

But it’s not the value financially that should make you focus your attention on enhancing the lifespan of your Apple headphone. In short, even if your headphone is worth a million dollars, it can still get spoilt in a short time if you don’t take proper care of it.

So now that you are here let’s go over tips on how you can best enhance the lifespan of your headphones. You will find things you should and shouldn’t do to avoid damaging your headphone.

1. Keep your headphone away from water

Keep your headphone away from water

Just because someone said all Apple headphones are waterproof doesn’t mean you should assume yours is one of them. For the records, there’s no claim made by the company that their headphones are waterproof or water-resistant. The company even warns users to make sure that their headphones are far away from water. That means you should avoid being in the rain or swimming with your headphones fixed in both ears.

Allowing your headphones to come in contact with water can damage it, though most people claim that they submerged theirs in water without their Apple headphones developing any issue. While this might be true, it’s still advisable you avoid taking such risks if you aren’t prepared to lose your headphone just yet.

On the other hand, you should also know that Apple’s headphones come built to take a beating and survive. There is also a case where the device was submerged in approximately one foot of water, and it still came out unhurt. Such a thing can happen, but if you want your iPhone to last longer for you, don’t swim, take a shower, or be under the rain with your iPhone or Apple headphones.

2. Don’t fail to clean your headphone

We take our baths to keep our skin clean and shiny. Even the pets at home need it. The truth is the electronic gadgets also need cleaning. Keeping them dirt-free is one effective way to extend their lifespan.

The primary issue that plagues headphones is the buildup of earwax. The only ones that are a bit safe from earwax issues are the on-ear headphones (super-aural) and the over-the-ear headphones (circumaural). So, if you think removing wax from a headphone would irritate and make you feel uncomfortable, you can get headphones that don’t have such issues (earwax buildup).

Earpads that get sweaty when you have them on while exercising or not are the ones you need to focus on regarding the earwax issue.

Here’s what you should do when it’s time to clean your headphone:

Before you consider cleaning out wax from your earpads, the first thing you need to do is to check its IP rating. The full meaning is the International Protection Rating or Ingress Protection rating. It’s a term developed by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). And just so you know, this standard is quite a big deal across Europe, Asia, and is becoming well-recognized in the USA.

The IP rating is used to grade products to show if they are dust and water-resistant. Instead of writing water or dust resistant, manufacturers use specific codes, which are numbers. For instance, when you see IP65 on an electronic, know that 6 mean that it’s dust-protected while the 5 there imply that it’s water-resistant. In some products, you will find something like IP6X. It means the product is dust safe, but the manufacturer is yet to test for water protection.

Having said that, if the earpads are something you can remove and replace, that’s a much better option. Just take them off and get brown new ones. The replacement won’t be that expensive, giving the nature of the item. The thing is wax tends to buildup in earpads quicker. When this happens, they may look unattractive. Wax can also disrupt the quality of the output the headphone produces.

There are also earwax cleaning tools for headphones, which are pocket-friendly. You may be lucky to find them together with the headphone. But if yours don’t have, then you can buy online or visit any accessory shop nearby. The earwax cleaning tools come designed to scrape out wax from the headphone.

Note: There’s no harm in trying something out for the first time. But have in mind that one mistake can mean the end of your headphone. So, if you don’t know how to use the earwax cleaning tool on your headphone, it would be better you watch tutorials on this before progressing. You will find tips on how to clean your headphones without damaging it.

3. Take proper care of the headphone cable

How you handle your headphone cable matters. However, if you are using a wireless headphone, then you shouldn’t be concerned with the tips here. If yours has cables, please be mindful of how you store or place it, whether the headphone is in use or not.

Never make the mistake of wadding up the cable of your headphone because it can damage it internally, without you knowing. You will find the outer part of the cable looking intact, but there might be a breakage point within.

How can you store your headphone cable safely?

First, is the cable of your headphone detachable? If yes, then storing it would be a bit easier for you. All that you have to do is detach the cable and wind it up neatly. If you can’t separate it, just wind and tie it neatly, only that you need to ensure there’s a bit of slack closer to the headphone’s earcups. This will make it much easier to store the headphone and the cable in a case with ease, and it will also prevent tension, particularly at the connection point.

4. Don’t forget to use the case always

The case that comes with headphones offers numerous benefits. That’s why even if yours don’t have a headphone case; you must ensure you purchase one. These cases come designed with diverse materials, and you will find some a bit hard in texture. So, even if someone accidentally steps on the case with your headphone in it, you are sure that nothing would happen.

However, you need to ensure that the case you are buying isn’t too small for the headphone. It needs to fit perfectly and not make you sweat just to place the headphone in it. You should also ensure whatever headphone case you are buying can protect everything about the headphone, which includes the cup, cable, earpads, and the rest part.


Here’s a pertinent question, are Apple headphones waterproof? That’s the big question this post has answered. Well, there’s no known headphone made by Apple that is waterproof, though we hope to have a product of this sort someday. What you will find are headphones that can resist moisture to an extent. They are not headphones you can submerge in water or swim with for whether a few seconds or more. However, most users claim to have submerged Apple headphones in the water at least to a depth of one foot, and there was no fault afterward. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t force you to treat yours this way.

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