Best Apps that Act As Study Aids for Students

The technology of the internet has certainly come a long way. From just providing basic surfing search engines to now providing you with a complete virtual world – the internet is nothing less than everyone’s best friend. One of the ways through which it has helped us immensely is by providing us with tons of eLearning platforms and apps. When it comes to studying, the most difficult is probably finding the motivation to start it. Therefore, to help you overcome this tough part, we have put together a list of some of the best apps that act as study aids for students.

While studying, you need a seamless flow and motivation to keep going. A little distraction or hurdle can ruin the whole progress for you. This is why you need to make sure everything is in order, including the internet connection you have.

Thanks to providers like Suddenlink, eLearning has never been this easier. It allows you to download and use these apps without running into any speed and connectivity issues. Moreover, its smart Wi-Fi technology makes it easy for you to keep using the apps from any part of your home. To learn more about its plans and packages, you can contact Suddenlink Servicio al cliente en Español (for Latin Americans) and talk to the sales agents directly.

With a basic utility like this at your disposal, you can download and use the apps we have mentioned below.

1.    StudySmarter

StudySmarter is probably one of the best eLearning apps you can find. It would not be a stretch to say that this app is an all-rounder. It offers you everything imaginable that can make the life of a student a whole lot easier. StudySmarter includes flashcards, the facility of taking notes, quizzes, and various study modes, and the best part is it also offers you solutions to textbook questions.

The list of its amazing features does not end here. StudySmarter also has tons of attractive features – it allows you to collaborate with others on a shared project. Plus, the user interface is quite appealing, which makes the studying process enjoyable for you.

All in all, StudySmarter is the app you must have on your phone right away!

2.    Quizlet

Quizlet is not only popular amongst students but instructors as well. They also use it to prepare themselves for lectures and take help from it to compose quizzes for students. It does not come as a surprise that this incredible app is used by over 40 million people each month.

The app allows you to create your flashcards and material for quizzes. It gives you various types of games from which you can study for your tests. One of its coolest features is, the app allows you to see what other people around the world are studying right now, and that too in real-time. Sounds great, but quite distracting as well because you get lost in it while maneuvering the map of others’ current activity.

On the whole, Quizlet is a wonderful app that is not only facilitating students but teachers equally in composing quizzes and assigning them as well.

3.    Duolingo

Is one of your new year’s resolutions “learn a new language”? Well, leave that to Duolingo in making it come true for you. The app is one of the best ones you can find when it comes to learning a new language. One of the studies reports that only 34 hours spent on Duolingo can be equal to one university semester of language courses. Sounds incredible, right?

Whether you are planning to get well-equipped with a new language to study abroad or just to check off that box on your bucket list, Duolingo is your friend.

One of the things that stand out the most about it is you get to learn the languages through a game-based method. Every time you get the answer correct, you earn a point for it. Additionally, you immediately receive feedback on your progress as well as tips on how you can make further improvements.

4.    XMind

XMind is a mind-mapping app that assists you in managing ideas and brainstorming. The best kind of ideas come to the surface when you give yourself time to brainstorm on the topic. The room for critical thinking and coming up with new ideas can improve your learning process significantly.

The app provides you with various charges such as; logic, matrix, organization, and whatnot. In addition to this, XMind also gives you access to different templates for planning our projects and such. The best part is, users of Evernote can easily export the mind map they have created on the app to XMind.

5.    Engross

Every student gets easily distracted when they sit down to study, and while there are multiple apps out there that are designed to overcome this problem, in our opinion, nothing compares to Engross. This app brilliantly plays its role in helping you deal with this problem.

Engross has a button that you can hit any time you begin to get distracted while the study session. But here is the twist, it does not pause the timer, instead the app shows you motivational messages to encourage you to shift your focus back to studying.

In addition to this, Engross also acts as a task manager and goal tracker. In short, the app can be a great study aid for students who want to stay on top of their goals, without letting distractive thoughts hijack them.

The Bottom Line

The technology of the internet is responsible for making a lot of things easier for us – including achieving our study goals. With the help of the above-mentioned apps, you can finally study the way you always wanted to without the stress of getting distracted.

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