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Photos can help you relive your valuable moments, as the saying goes “Wait, until the moment becomes a photo” because that would be the only way to rejoice the memories. However, due to some unforeseen situation you might accidentally lose or delete your photos which is disheartening.

Nevertheless, with the right photo recovery software you can effortlessly recover all your lost or deleted photos from the storage device. Here in this article, we will help you understand the features, pros and cons of 3 photo recovery utilities mentioned in the section below.  Here are the reviews for the following top photo recovery products in 2022

  1. Remo Photo Recovery Software
  2. Stellar Photo Recovery Software
  3. EaseUS Photo Recovery


Evaluation Parameters

These are the following parameters we are considering for the comparison for the Photo Recovery Software from the above list

  1. The Recovery Structure – The structure or tree which is built while trying to retrieve data can play a major role in defining the prowess of the product. The files recovered are sorted in a hierarchical manner based on the way it is saved on the computer. It is an important parameter to consider as it makes it easier for users to find priority files and their location before recovery. 
  2. File identification – This feature is an important parameter to consider, this parameter determines the capability of the recovery tool to identify lost or deleted files from formatted and RAW partitions and shows the files in format ready to be recovered.
  3. Scan Speed – Scan speed is a vital element of a Photo Recovery utility as it determines the speed in which the photo file formats shall be recovered. This might be comparable for bigger drives but for smaller storage spaces this parameter plays a vital role in evaluation.

Remo Photo Recovery Software 

Remo Photo Recovery Software is a recognized and well-known photo recovery utility in the data recovery industry. The application comes with one of the best and novice user interfaces, helping the user perform quick and effortless recovery. Let us understand the features, functions and evaluate the photo recovery utility with respect to the parameters mentioned above. 

How Remo Photo Recovery Software presents the Data.

  • The Recovery tree of Remo Photo Recovery Software makes it easy to locate Deleted and Existing files unlike other competitive products compared in this article. These files can be found using Quick Scan
  • The tool uses Tags and sorts Lost and Found photos that are acquired form Lost Partitions or deeply buried under Deep Scan. Remo Photo recovery tool is also found to be very proficient in recognizing raw photo formats.

How easy is the File Identification of Remo Photo Recovery Software 

Remo Photo Recovery Software displays file icons as per the file type mapped with the icons of the user’s PC. It is clearly visible in the Large Icon view. This allows the user to recognize the priority photos which they wish to recover immediately using multiple filter formats.

How is the Scan Speed of Remo Photo Recovery?

Remo Photo Recovery Software is faster than competitors like EaseUS and Stellar. The time elapsed is comparatively the same however it makes a very big difference when it comes to bigger drives. If the quality of recovery output is concerned, we would place Remo Photo Recovery Software as the topper as it has worked exceptionally fast when it comes to smaller drives, when bigger drives were scanned, the tool’s recovery results were more comprehensive and easier to locate. 


  • Remo Photo Recovery Software can recover more than 300+ file formats.
  • The tool can recover permanently deleted or lost photos, pictures from formatted drive, corrupt/unreadable internal or external device with the of Deep Scan
  • Remo Photo Recovery tool is well to go with all the versions of Windows including Windows 11, 10, and has a separate version for Mac operating systems which supports the latest macOS Monterery, Big Sur.
  • The tool is compatible with various devices like a digital camera. 


  1. The scanning speed depends on the extent of data loss. As the priority is to recover the lost or deleted files without degrading the data
  2. The tool does not support the recovery of Android’s internal recovery 

Stellar Photo Recovery Software 

Stellar photo Recovery Software is a reliable and well-known photo recovery utility. The tool can recover multiple file formats. The application works on Scan, Preview, Recover mechanism. 

How does Stellar Photo Recovery Software present data?

  • When compared to other photo recovery utilities, Stellar has a complex user interface. But Stellar has a Deep scan feature which is to be started manually again and does not initiate, if the Quick Scan doesn’t work out well. 

How easy is the File Identification of Stellar Photo Recovery Software? 

Stellar Photo Recovery Tool doesn’t not have an option to view large icons. They provide the photos in File Type View and this can be a challenge when it comes to identifying the recoverable files. But the overall recovery ability of the tool is not to be taken lightly.

How is the Scan Speed of Stellar Photo Recovery?

The scan speed of Stellar is on par with the other Photo Recovery utilities, not much of difference in the scan between the Photo Recovery utilities.  


  • The tool can recover photos from a Damaged / formatted and RAW hard drive.
  • By the Add File Type option, the tool allows users to add the desired file format that is not supported by the software. 
  • It is compatible with all Windows and Mac.


  • The tool does not support photo recovery from an iPhone or Android mobile phone.
  • The Photo Recovery tool cannot recover photos from two different drives at once, it scans partition by partition 
  • The standard version of this tool doesn’t extract thumbnails of severely corrupt photos. You will need Premium version to perform the recovery

EaseUS Photo Recovery Software 

EaseUS is a reputed data recovery company well known across the globe. EaseUS photo recovery utility is an effective tool which can effortlessly recover lost or deleted photos from formatted, corrupted and damaged drives with ease. The tool can recover various file format like JPG/JPEG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CRW, CR2, NEF, ORF, SR2, MRW, DCR, WMF, RAW, SWF, SVG, RAF, DNG, etc

How EaseUS Photo Recovery Software presents the Data?

The EaseUS Photo Recovery Software provides the recovery structure in File view format with lost or deleted photos from formatted, corrupted or damaged drives. The user interface of EaseUS is simple and is great for novice users. 

How easy is the File Identification of EaseUS Photo Recovery Software? 

EaseUS provides a large icon view of recovered photos making it easy for users to recover their priority photos and files. There are other filters that can also be explored by the user to find appropriate photos that they would like to recover.

How is the Scan Speed of EaseUS Photo Recovery?

EaseUS is on par with Remo Photo Recovery Tool after running multiple tests. As the priority is to recover data, scan speed is usually a less effective parameter. However, it reflects the strength of the photo recovery algorithm embedded in multiple tools. All tools used in this comparison performed competitively under all the test scenarios.


  • Photo Recovery Tool can easily recover from formatted, corrupted and damaged partition 
  • As mentioned above the tool can easily recover numerous file formats
  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows 


  • There is no specific option given to recover photos compared to Remo Photo Recovery or Stellar Photo Recovery.
  • The major con of EaseUS photo recovery software is it cannot save the recovered photos while the scanning is being performed 

Final Words

The following listed tools can effortlessly perform the recovery of lost or deleted. Here is our analysis and comparison for the above listed products. Remo Photo Recovery Tool has an edge with respect to recovery structure, file identification and saving the photos immediately after recovery. Although these are minor differences between the products, we tend to choose the tool that gives you the best user experience as a fine photo recovery utility should be easy to use, since data recovery is a very complex process in itself.

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