Can I Use My iPhone 7 In The Shower? What You Need To Know

The question, “Can I use my iPhone 7 in the shower” might not be that common, but it’s a relevant question. This question is not only for the iPhone 7 alone. It concerns other models, too. However, for this post, we will focus on the iPhone 7. On a typical day, water and electronic gadgets (phones, watches, etc.) aren’t best friends. When a mobile device comes in contact with water, it may pack up.

Nevertheless, most gadgets now come designed with dust, splash or water-resistant features. That means they can withstand dust particles, splash or when submerged in water to a certain level. Now the question of the moment is;

Is it possible for me to use my iPhone 7 in the shower? 

Well, yes, you can. It’s possible with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, according to Apple. Both phones are rated IP67 water, splash and dust resistant under the given ICE standard 60529. What Apple says is that the iPhone 7 would survive when submerged in water to a little over 3feet or for 30 minutes. So, literarily, you can take your iPhone 7 with you to the shower. Nevertheless, it is something I wouldn’t recommend.

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Using An iPhone 7 In The Shower – Should You Be Concerned About The Safety Of Your Device?

The iPhone 7 is the first waterproof iPhone from Apple. You can take it to the shower for at least 30 minutes and come out without anything happening to it—the knowledge of what this device can do also set the internet ablaze.

Well, here we are today. The technological advancement we have seen across the globe has made some of us believe that everything is possible.

So, if you like taking your mobile device along with you to the shower, the iPhone 7 is a wise choice. You don’t need to wrap your mobile phone in a plastic bag when heading to the shower anymore.

However, if there’s going to be any sort of concern for most people about using their iPhone 7 in the shower, it would be how long the device can withstand the steam from a hot shower. Below is a quick answer regarding this question or concern most people may have.

Apple, the maker of the iPhone 7, states that the device is under IEC standard 60529 rated IP67. That means the iPhone 7 is dust, water, and splash resistant. Apple claims it has tested the device under well-controlled laboratory conditions to verify these claims.

So, should we trust their claims completely? Your guess is as good as mine. It will surprise you that the tech company, Apple, still warns that those features (splash, dust, and water resistance) may be lowered under varied conditions, particularly as the phone wears out. But be it a new or used iPhone 7, certain conditions can make it lose its water-resistant ability or be reduced.

The situation will undoubtedly be different for the aged iPhone 7. The wear it had experienced would lower its water-resistant ability drastically. Thus, you need to think twice before taking your aged iPhone 7 with you to the shower. It might be able to survive some splashes, but you shouldn’t bet on that.

To ensure that the phone is waterproof and other functions are perfect, it is still best that we do not use it too violently. There are many good ways to protect your phone that are both aesthetically pleasing and truly practical. It is advised to use the phone case to reduce the wear and tear of the phone and hang the phone with a lanyard to avoid dropping. It is worth mentioning that you can have your own custom lanyards cheap and of best quality from to hang your phone when going out to free your hands to do more things. The lanyards that you customize the size, color, and pattern are more able to meet your needs than the available items in stores.

Using iPhone 7 In The Shower – Things You Should Never Do

Before I explain what the IP67 rating is let me explain the don’ts when using iPhone 7 in the shower. It’s nice to know that the device can handle splash, dust, and water, but there’s a limit to these things.

So, what are the things you shouldn’t do when taking your iPhone 7 to the shower?

Don’t submerge your iPhone in water for more than 30 minutes; 

See, if your iPhone 7 eventually slips from where you kept it and makes its way into the bathtub, you should ensure it doesn’t remain submerged in the water for more than 30 minutes. You need to get it out as soon as possible and dry it. Allow it to stay in there for longer, and you may have a damaged iPhone 7 in your hands.

You need to understand that the iPhone 7‘s water-resistant ability isn’t permanent. The device is even more dust-resistant than water-resistant. What that means is that it can withstand dust better than water.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t fall for the idea that the iPhone 7 can survive for 30 minutes when submerged in water. Try not to experiment with your iPhone. Keep in mind that iPhones aren’t the cheapest of phones. Even if you were to buy a refurbished iPhone, it would cost you a little more (though it won’t be as expensive as buying a new iPhone anyway).

Don’t charge your iPhone 7 when wet.

Charging a wet iPhone 7 or any mobile device is a risky venture. It could damage your phone or cause electrocution.

So, if your iPhone 7 leaves the shower wet and you feel that the liquid got inside the phone, do not charge it immediately.

First and foremost, you need to dry the phone for one to two days, at least. Some recommend 5 hours, but the longer you allow the phone to dry up, the better. You shouldn’t turn on the phone or use any accessory until you are sure that it has dried properly.

Once the phone is water-free (I mean the internal part), then you can turn it on and connect a lightning accessory or charge with a lightning cable. That’s how it works.

Note: There’s no warranty for liquid damage. Thus, you need to protect your iPhone 7 or any other proposed water-resistant iPhone model you buy in the future. You can’t say or claim that the company said the phone is water-resistant, and that’s why you had it placed in water. No one would listen to you with such a story, and you won’t get a refund or replacement. That’s the bitter truth.

Now, let’s take a look at what the IP67 rating means. You would see that the iPhone 7 has a low rating when it comes to water resistance.

Avoid saltwater at all costs.

Here’s another warning every iPhone 7 user should take seriously to protect their device. The iPhone 7 can withstand fresh water to some degree, not saltwater.

So, if you are heading to a saltwater environment, make sure your iPhone 7 is safe and secured in your pocket or bag. Keep in mind that your iPhone won’t be the same again if it eventually falls into the saltwater.

Don’t swim with your iPhone 7 

Just because Apple said the iPhone 7 is water-resistant doesn’t mean you can go swimming with it. Trust me. It won’t survive it.

Even if you have plans to swim for just 10 minutes or won’t plunge deeper, it’s not advisable to swim with your iPhone 7. Pressure can make the water to force its way into the phone and damage it.

So, these are the things you shouldn’t do with your iPhone 7. Now let’s look at what the IP67 rating implies.

The iPhone 7 IP67 Rating: What It Means

It is important to note that the iPhone 7 is rated IP67. That’s what you will find when you visit the Apple website to look it up. In the IP67, the letter IP refers to “Ingress protection), while the figures represent the level of protection the device has.

What does the figure 6 in the iPhone 7’s IP67 rating represent? 

For dust resistance, the iPhone 7 is rated 6. The number 6 is also the highest rating for dust-resistance. What that means is that the iPhone 7 is well-protected against dust. When kept in your pocket, those tiny particles of sand or dust won’t make their way into awkward areas of the device.

Again, that’s no guarantee that dust won’t ever enter your iPhone 7.

Now, what does the figure 7 in the iPhone 7’s IP67 rating represent?

The number 7 represents or indicates water resistance. Based on the standard, the highest rating for water resistance (that shows that the device is entirely water-resistant) is 9.

What does that tell you? The iPhone 7 is not fully water-resistant. Though it is, the rating for water resistance is low. The only good thing here is that your iPhone 7 would survive when submerged in water up to one meter or for 30 minutes. It won’t suffer harmful water penetration.

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So, the answer to the question, “can I use my iPhone 7 in the shower” should be clear now. You can use your iPhone in the shower, but don’t bank on it. The iPhone 7 is not waterproof but water-resistant. Water can get into it under certain conditions. So, if it’s possible, keep it away from water. Water can damage your iPhone or cause you to spend heavily to have it fixed. I hope you are aware of that?

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