Can Reset AirPods Be Tracked? All You Need To Know

can reset airpods be tracked

Today AirPods are among or are the best wireless earbuds. They have a compact design and offer excellent noise-canceling and excellent quality sound. 

In addition to their excellent design, AirPods have a premium price tag. This has made them something of a status symbol. However, the outstanding qualities also make them a desirable target to thieves. 

Apple Company is famous and produces excellent quality products and has the best security features on their devices. Their security makes any stolen device so useless until it’s maybe unlocked or bypassed.  

Most thieves target AirPods more than other apple devices. It’s because AirPods do not have the iCloud activation lock. 

This makes it easy for anyone to reset them and connect with another iPhone without the necessary information. So let’s find out.

Can Reset AirPods be tracked?

Well, you cannot track an iPad once it has been reset. It’s because AirPods lack the iCloud Activation lock that all other Apple devices have. 

The iCloud Activation Lock is a unique security feature that prevents other people from using your Apple device. 

As mentioned, not having the iCloud Activation Lock does not only make it vulnerable to theft. The other person can also easily connect it to another iPhone. 

Tracking AirPods Using Find My App

Yes, it is possible to track your AirPods using “Find My App.” However, the App is only helpful if you have misplaced the AirPods in your home or office. 

But for stolen AirPods, it will not be as effective. To track your AirPods using this App is so straightforward. Open the App from another Apple device. 

It will bring a list of all the Apple devices in the room or space. You then select your AirPods device. 

This App will only track your AirPods device if it’s in the Bluetooth range and still connected to your device. 

You will be able to see the location of your AirPods from the App’s map. The App also allows you to play sound or music so that you can find it faster. 

How To Stop AirPods From Being Tracked

You might have misplaced or stolen AirPods. Or maybe you might have connected your AirPods to another person’s Apple device, and you don’t want them to track your AirPods. 

You should know that if you use AirPods on another person’s device, it adds to “Find My iPhone” in their iCloud account. 

This may raise privacy issues since the other person can see your location when using the AirPods. 

The easiest way to disconnect it from other apple devices is by factory resetting. To factory reset the AirPods, place them in their charger case. 

With the case lid open, press and hold the button at the back of the case. When the light between the AirPods flashes white, it means the reset was successful. 

Alternatively, you can go to the settings of the Apple device you want to disconnect with your AirPods. You then instruct it to forget the AirPods. 

Can The Police Track Stolen AirPods? 

The AirPods are pretty pricy, and this makes them an investment. Therefore you might be wondering if the police can help you find the AirPods. 

Theft is a crime, and you should report it to the police. However, the police might or might not be able to help you. It will depend on the circumstances that your AirPods were stolen. 

If it was stolen with several other things, you should alert them. They will be able to track and find the thief. If the AirPods were stolen from you physically, they can hopefully try and track down the thief. 

You will have to give them your AirPods serial number. If they manage to find the serial number will help confirm that the AirPods is yours. 

But if the AirPods were not stolen with other goods, it’s improbable that they will help you. The police will advise you to track it using the “Find My iPhone” feature. 

The police can’t use your Apple account to track your AirPods. It will be a breach of Apple’s Privacy Terms.  

Keeping Your AirPods Safe

The AirPods, like other Apple devices, are expensive. This makes them a potential target by thieves. 

Protecting your AirPods from theft should be a priority because retrieving stolen AirPods is almost impossible. 

Always be cautious when roaming with the AirPods in your ears. Secondly, purchase a case for your AirPods. They are not expensive. 

To keep them safer, you can attach the case to a key ring or belt loop. You can get the case from Amazon; there are several types, so you can choose one that fits your preferences. 

Develop a habit of placing the AirPods in the cases after use. Most people pocket the AirPods, and this is the easiest way to lose them through pickpocketing. 

If you carry your AirPods in your pocket, ensure you zip it up. Using the backpacks is also safer; the design of the modern ones is steal proof. You can invest in such bags.

How To Automatically Switch AirPods Between Devices  

In 2020, Apple Company made an update for AirPods to switch between Apple devices automatically. 

For example, you were listening to music from your Mac, and now you want to hear from your iPhone, start playing podcasts or music on your iPhone, and the AirPods will automatically switch. It can also switch to your iPhone any time you want to answer or make a call. 

What do you need? 

It would be best to have the AirPods that support this feature for auto-switching, like AirPods (2nd generation) and AirPods Pro. The other Apple devices and your iPhone should be signed under the same Apple ID. 

The Best AirPod Tricks 

This Bluetooth-enabled, sleek, small is constantly improving with each generation. The earbuds are pretty expensive but will offer you the best auditory experience. There are several ways in which you can enhance this experience. Let’s take a look at them. 

Siri Can Work For You

Your device should have the latest operating system for you to enjoy. Siri will read you any message using your voice through the AirPods. You can also reply to the messages using the voice command. 

The latest AirPods come with more benefits; you can ask Siri to carry out other tasks like reducing the volume and many more. 

Use The AirPods With Non-Apple Devices

Many people think that AirPods are only exclusive to Apple devices, but that’s not true. You can use AirPods with Android devices or others that cannot connect to the iCloud account. 

To connect the AirPods, open the lid, then hold the pairing button on the case. Go to the other device’s Bluetooth settings, select the AirPods and confirm pairing.  

Make it your hearing aid?

If you are having hearing difficulties during a conversation, you can use AirPods as your hearing aid. The feature was introduced on the latest and can only work with Live Listen and iOS 12+. 

When you set it up, you place the iPhone near the person you wish to hear. The AirPods will offer you crisp and clear sound. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can AirPods work if stolen without the case?

The case cannot prevent a thief from using your AirPods. The AirPods can perfectly work with any charging case. The thief can easily connect it to another Apple device using a different charging device. 

2. Can it still work if they only stole one of the AirPods?

A single AirPod will not be beneficial to the thief. But if the thief has a similar AirPod or steals from someone else, it’s possible to link the AirPods using a charging case.  

3. Why are my AirPods flashing orange?

The orange lights indicate the AirPods have an issue. Fixing the AirPods is so straightforward. You do that through factory resetting. 

4. How far can you use AirPods from the Apple device?

The farthest you can use your AirPods from the Apple device is 10 meters. This is the standard range for Bluetooth devices. If you go out of this range, you might experience cuts and poor sound quality.

5. Can you know if someone pairs your AirPods to their phones?

You can only find your AirPods using the “Find My iPhone” feature. But once the AirPods connect to another person’s Apple device, it can only appear under their “Find My iPhone.” The AirPods will show up as “Offline” on your side. 

6. What is the meaning of “Offline?”

If you check on “Find My iPhone” and the AirPods are offline, it means they do not have a charge. Or they are disconnected to your “Find My iPhone.” You will have to retrace your activities manually.


The AirPods by Apple is among the most popular products in the country. To today millions of AirPods have been sold across the world. 

People use AirPods because they are portable, easy to charge, have excellent battery life, are Siri-enabled, and can switch across devices. 

Despite its popularity, it’s the Apple device that has the weakest security feature. The security inefficiencies make it almost impossible to track and find AirPods. Let’s hope Apple with enhance the AirPods security incoming models. 

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