Is Stack Social Legit: All That You Need To Know

The Stack Social is an eCommerce platform. It was created for all people to discover new and great products from the brands they love. 

The company was founded in 2011, and today it operates under Integrated Media Company. Its primary office is in Los Angeles, United States. 

The company operates a website that sells applications, digital tools, and software. It also offers valuable information through their daily media. 

Stack Social has also made partnerships with some popular publishers like CNET, Gizmodo, etc. This makes Stack Social a great place to read about your favorite products. But before we continue, let answer the popularly asked question. 

Is Stack Social Legit

Yes, Stack Social is legit. But you need to be careful about the kind of product you are buying from them. Before accepting any deal or purchase, read the terms and conditions. 

The company has been around for several years. In these years, it has gotten tons of feedback and reviews. 

Certain parts of their clientele are satisfied with their services. Equally, there are a large number of clients with complaints against the business. 

To make good profits, the company makes partnerships with vendors and affiliates. They have some ideal policies. 

The common issue with the company is poor customer support. However, there is nothing else to worry about it. You can certainly try their services. 

How Does Stack Social Work 

As mentioned, Stack Social is an eCommerce platform. Through their website, you can buy, discover and share the latest trending techs. 

People love the Stack website because it offers valuable information about new and coming products. It makes it easy for them to find their next purchase. 

Stack Social has a customer-centered goal. All the company wants is to ensure that you organically discover the brands and products that you love. 

To actualize, this company ensures its publishing high-quality blog content. Through partnerships, it also publishes to other websites that are relevant to its readers. 

Most Stack Social users find it through product links, other blogs, and websites. The Stack Social Company does register any user that signs up for sweepstakes or buys a product through their website. 

Many tech-related news brands love partnering with Stack Social. They know that through Stack Social, they will be able to get sales and attention without spending on traditional marketing. 

Blog publishers use this affiliate program to increase their revenue. Therefore they can avoid the intrusive ads which annoy their readers. 

Stack Social does not only deal with technologies. There are other great products like kitchen accessories such as air fryers. 

You can also buy VPNs to offer you online protection. One of the greatest products on their website is the online courses. You can surely do any course. 

The most common course on their website is “The Ultimate Microsoft Office Certificate Mastery Bundle” and many more. You will get some valuable skills from the courses. 

Price Plans and Costs 

Stack Social always has great incredible deals. However, the offers are usually time-limited. The funny thing is that the offers are usually so low. 

So much that you can wonder whether the products are genuine or not, however, this should not worry you since the products are so genuine. 

The deals are usually available in a bundle because of how Stack Social structures their partnerships. They help many big brands eliminate the worries of traditional marketing. 

Therefore in return, the brands offer great deals through Stack Social. For example, the “Master CompTIA Training Bundle” traditional retail price is $5,225.

The price of the same course in Stack Social is $69.99. The price is exceedingly very low at Stack Social. 

Stack Social Products 

Many people find it confusing to buy non-tangible products. Through Stack Social Website, you can purchase digital products and shipped goods.  

There are many technologies in Stack Social platform that you can browse through. Some of the digital tools in Stack Social include pro writing apps, food video apps, VPN, and caption writing apps. 

If you love editing and designing, Stack Photo has got you covered. You can get Selfie Studio, Luminous Studio, and many more. There are more than 150+ tools and apps in Stack Social that you can purchase. 

It also has a collection of subscriptions. You can surely get TV streaming, cooking and fitness video streaming, and many more. 

If you need to learn any new skills, you can access the online course through their website. The online courses are very affordable. 

They also offer other goods like cameras, air fryers, cooking utensils, etc. These goods can be directly shipped to you. 

Shipping and Return Policies 

The shipping policy for Stack Social is similar to that of other e-commerce sites. Domestic shipping costs $2.99 for goods above $20 and $1.99 for goods above $20. The international shipping charges are usually applied during check out.

The return policy is also similar to that of other sites. You can return goods within thirty days. The great thing is that you can return even digital goods.  

However, credits will remain in your account for the digital goods, and you can use them for future shopping. 

Customer Support and Reviews 

The Stack Social and Stack Commerce has gotten a lot of critical reviews. The company was accredited in 2015 by the Better Business Bureau. 

It also has 3.92 out of five stars on the BBB website, an average of 722 reviews. All this makes the eCommerce platform reliable and reputable. 

The reviews aside, the one thing that is not great with the eCommerce platform is their customer support. The company does not have a service phone number. 

You only have one option if you want to talk to them. That’s by submitting a request. This is not enough, and their customers wish for better and reliable support.

In addition, most reviews from the customers who have made purchases through the website are great. 

If the company offers additional customer service contacts like email and phone numbers, they will receive better ratings.  

Alternatives To Stack Social

Many eCommerce sites work like Stack Social. Today we are going to look at the two popular companies. 

Might Deals 

It’s a great option for Stack Social. The eCommerce website offers great deals to its customers. 

There are many products on their website. It also offers courses that can help you grow both professionally and personally.  


Its operation is also similar to that of Stack Social. Creative users can buy products and software at an affordable price from the e-commerce platform. This website is so popular among content creators. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Stack Social Giveaways Legit 

Many people usually ask this question. To their surprise, yes, it is very legitimate. Several Stack Social users have won various products. 

However, when giving your information, you need to be so cautious. The internet is not a great place to share information. You might be giving your details to the wrong Stack social. Today there are many hackers out there. 

What are Freebies? 

The Freebies are the free course at Stack Social. These courses are usually pretty cool and informative. You can even get a course that is worth $10,000 for free. However, the courses are only available for registered users. 

Is Stack Social worth a Try?

Overall, Stack Social is a great website. You can surely get interesting deals on different products. For example, the courses and will boost your growth professionally and personally. 

Another interesting thing is that you get to learn about new products from their blogs. The quality of their blogs is top-notch, and they do not miss any important details. 

Does Stack Social Offer Warranty on Their Products? 

This is entirely dependent on the products merchants. In case they offer one, then you can use it anytime you need replacement or free repairs. However, it would be best to talk to the customer team to learn more about a certain product. 

Does Stack Social Offer an Affiliate Program?

Currently, it’s unsure whether Stack Social offers any affiliate program. We did not find any active Stack Social program after checking the major affiliate networks like Rakuten, Conversant, etc. 

However, this does not necessarily mean Stack Social has not launched any affiliate program or supposedly joined an affiliate network. You can check the various affiliate sites for updates. 


With the information in this article, I am certain you have gotten the answer to your question: Is Stack Social Legit? From my research, Stack social is legit and worth checking out. 

The product discovery platform will make your life much easier. It has incredible products and captivating stories that will surely amaze you. 

Already, millions of customers have made purchases from Stack Social. If you have never taken advantage of this website, you should try it now.  

You can also sign up to receive great advertisements about upcoming products and trends. This will allow you to stay trendy and get some awesome deals. 

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