Can You Have Multiple Kdp Accounts?

If you have another KDP account then you should delete one of them. Yes, you can have multiple KDP accounts. The same Amazon account can be used for different products. To manage your KDP books effectively, we propose that all KDP titles be maintained in a single KDP account.

Can you have multiple KDP accounts?

If you are not using two accounts simultaneously, then you are probably not following KDP rules. If you have a KDP account, then you need to keep only one KDP account.

How do I merge two KDP accounts?

You need first to join your KDP account with another bookseller. This can be done by following the instructions given in the section How do I join my KDP account with another?.
Then, you need to add the books from the other account to your account. To do that:

Select the other KDP account from the dropdown menu.
Select the Books from the new account from the dropdown menu.
Select “Add books” from the dropdown menu.

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