Can You Have Two Internet Service Providers In One House?

Can You Have Two Internet Service Providers In One House

We live in an era where everything is connected one way or the other through the internet. you do not need to travel to Africa to learn about Giraffes as all that is required is a Google click inquiring about Giraffes. It, therefore, suffices to say that the value of a good internet connection cannot be overemphasized per time. This brings us to a very pressing question that may be on the mind of more than a few persons “can you have two internet service providers in one house?” we will attempt to answer this and every other relevant query in this write-up.

Can you have two internet service providers in one house?

Yes.  In several American homes, you could engage both your phone and cable company to give you the internet at the same address at the same time. This is usually done through copper, coax or fiber. More often than not, there is usually just one each for the cable and the phone. What this means is that you cannot have more than two landline service providers for the same address. Technically speaking if you could decipher how to make them allow you to order it, you may get two service drops from the same cable or Phone Company.

Also, you may get added internet access from multiple mobile service providers at the same time. This is however dependent on who has the coverage for the house. Added to this is the fact that there are areas where you could get internet access through ISP and that by extension gives you another angle to consider when connecting your house to the internet.

What Are The Types Of Internet Connections?

You must have encountered terms like high-speed and broadband while in the market for internet access. These two terms simply refer to any type of internet connection that gives you a bandwidth speed which is more than the usual dial-up option. It is interesting to note that nearly all connection available these days is faster than dial-up. Furthermore, wideband is another term that best describes internet access whose speed exceeds 50 Mbps.

When you are scouting for internet access, you are most likely to come across three basic types of internet. These include the cable, DSL and fiber ISP. However, the cheapest of the lot is the DSL with fiber being the most expensive of the lot. The relation between cost and speed is a direct one.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing An Internet Service Provider?

For homes and businesses, the internet is as important as other utilities contained within. For businesses these days, everything they do is built around the internet, from credit card processing to customer communication.  It, therefore, suffices to say that without the internet, several businesses will not be able to properly function. But aside from the application in businesses, several homes are beginning to find more applications using the internet. Here are a few factors to consider before you choose an internet service provider:


What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing An Internet Service ProviderWhether you are using to stream videos at home or for business purposes, you must ensure that you have enough internet speed to handle your daily tasks. For several people, internet speed is perhaps the most important factor they consider when choosing a service provider.

This is, however, location-dependent as well as on what is on offer for the customer. What to consider with speed when looking for a service provider is known as the bandwidth. The bandwidth is the volume of information per time which a certain transmission medium can handle. Some customers are quite lucky having access to over fiber connections which offer more than 1000 Megabits per second.

Some rural dwellers have to settle for 6Mbps DSL connections. You should also be aware that it is sometimes not the speed advertised that you will get. This is why you should check for reviews and references from people.


For rural areas, this is perhaps the most important factor to consider. It does not matter if you have fiber connection or high-speed cable if the provider does not service your area it does not count. Several homeowners usually have just a few options available to them per time. These options usually are a satellite-based facility and a 4G-LTE or a broadband network.

Cost Implication

For the ISP to properly make sense to you there has to be a proper balance between price and speed. One instance is a situation where you are operating a small business from your home; in this case, using a $1,200 a month fiber connection may not be ideal. For several companies, reliability and speed are more important than the price of the service being offered. Therefore when it comes to cost, you need to consider the size of your business as well as the relevance of the internet facility you are opting for your operations.


This is perhaps the most important factor of the lot, especially when dealing with business customers. An unreliable internet supply can be quite frustrating due to several factors chief among which is that it slows down the speed of getting things done. If you find yourself in an industry that is not internet dependent, you could try your hands on ISP which offers you a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Such SLA’s indicate the level of reliability of the internet that is to be supplied per time.

You should also note that customer service works together with reliability. And you must know that everything sometimes fails no matter how reliable they may be. The customer service offered by a service provider is indeed an indicator of how quickly they will get your services up and running. Several businesses are usually not able to wait for a few days for replacement hardware to get to them. For such people, they require a higher level of customer care and this can only be offered by a good service provider.

It, therefore, suffices to say that the choice of ISP is perhaps one of the most vital choices when it comes to the connectivity of your business or home.

Connection type

The type of connection you opt for has a big role in the speed of the internet. One notable feature of satellite internet is the fact that it is quite slow even though it boasts of quite high download speeds. The explanation for this can be gotten from physics. A signal is transmitted from your satellite and this travels for about 22,000 miles through space. This process goes on and on, this usually takes about 500 milliseconds for the request to process. Every added one second to the time it takes is enough reason for the process to be slow. It, therefore, suffices to say that your choice of connection has a big role to play in the kind of service you receive.

What Are The Steps To Take When Choosing An Internet Service Provider?

Selecting an internet service provider can be pretty tough due to several reasons ranging from multiple choices, confusing contracts, and the likes. These make the possibility of making the wrong choice quite high. Here are a few steps to take:

Locate an internet service provider

The first thing in this regard is to figure out what is available in your environment. This is because not all providers are available in your local area. Also, you should know that factors such as package lineups, speeds, prices, and special offers vary depending on location.

Find and test the right speed

The moment you have deciphered the service provider that offers you desire in your area, the next thing would be to determine why you need it. Size and extent of need will determine the type of speed you should go for. Also, when you get the service provider of choice, you should test the strength of the service they offer. This should give you a feel of how satisfied you will be in the long run.

Ask  for reviews

The best and easiest way to test the strength and quality of your proposed ISP is by asking people who use them. You may also check reviews online in terms of their pricing, service quality and customer care service. This approach should save you a lot of time, money and energy.

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Everybody deserves good internet access regardless of their location, class, and budget. Having two ISPs in one house is also certainly not a bad idea especially if you can afford it, however, be careful to make your choices based in an informed manner so that you do not end up losing on different fronts. We do hope the tips we have provided here should suffice in helping you make the right decisions.

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