Does Google Report Illegal Searches?

Does Google Report Illegal Searches

Repeatedly we have seen cases where people get busted on the account of their search history online. This makes one wonder what exactly is illegal to search for on the internet. What does it take from making some internet searches on Google to becoming a convicted criminal? You should be aware that using Google to make illegal internet search is designated a criminal offense. Also, you should know that the police can use your search history and network to establish a case of conspiracy against you. So does Google report illegal searches? We will attempt to answer that and many other questions today.

Does Google report illegal searches?

No. Google does not report illegal searches. What they instead do is to prevent the appearance of such content on Google search results. You should also know that there is a high chance that the NSA may be going through your searches; however, your local police may not. They may, however, enquire about your search data from Google.  Well, this is a fact that most people are already aware of and have already been declared by Google in its yearly transparency report.

The police and other investigators will be able to request a search warrant from a judge which can then be presented to Google. Also, a government agency is empowered to subpoena data from Google which may not necessitate a Judge’s approval. However, they will not be able to subpoena the main content of your email or searches.

What Can Be Considered Illegal To Search On The Internet?

There are certain searches you could make online that could pass as proof of malicious intent based on frequency, wordings, and some other factors. Prosecutors and police may use your search history to establish intent to carry out a crime.  This is more so in cases of online solicitation of a minor or child pornography. It could also include intent to execute illegal internet activity which includes piracy. Some illegal search on the internet includes hiring a hitman, how to download child pornography, hiring a prostitute online, and underage chat rooms just to mention a few.

Categories Of Searches That May Be Considered Illegal

To provide clarity as regards the kind of searches that could predispose you to a visit by law enforcement agents for the wrong reasons, here is a guide on some categories.

Illegal Streaming

Also referred to as torrenting, this is one streaming that has gained increased popularity among the other forms of viewing content. It is even becoming more popular than watching cable TV or going to see a movie at the cinema. You should, however, note that streaming content online without the consent of the owner could see you faced with criminal charges. Viewing or sharing copyrighted content contravenes the federal copyright laws. One of the consequences of this action is a lengthy stay in prison.

Children pornography

Viewing or possession of videos or photographs that involve children involved in sexual activities is considered a very serious sex crime. By simply searching for child pornography may result in a visit by the authorities. The moment you search, it is automatically stored upon your cookies and browser history. Such digital footprints are usually considered enough proof for officers to ascertain if you intended watching child porn. This could, in turn, lead to your being charged with the possession of child pornography.

Assassin for hire

The dark web is generally considered the haven for online criminal activities. One of the illegal activities you may engage in on the dark web is to engage the services of a hired assassin to eliminate someone. The illegality of this action should be enough reason why you shouldn’t let your curiosity lead you to search it out on the internet.


Since the unfortunate events of September 11, terrorism has been one of the core focuses of security agencies all over the world. It has become a core mandate of security agencies to uncover and thwart all terrorist threats even before they fully unfold. It, therefore, suffices to say that if you are the type that is curious to know how bombs are made, for instance, you may end up in jail.

What Is The Deep Web?

The deep web simply talks about the things that happen below the surface on the internet but not dark. Search engines such as Bing, Google, and the likes are usually able to index and search websites as a result of links. These links are used to rank the results of searches based on things such as keywords, inbound links, and relevancy. That is however where the limit ends.

If you intend to search out a public library catalog in search of a book, for instance, you cannot just type the book title into the search bar expecting a response from Google. Such information would require a deep web search. The major reason why search engines would not be able to give you the information you desire is that there aren’t any links. To get such information, you would have to visit a public library website and use the search bar there to search for your item.

What Can I Find On The Deep Web?

On the deep web, you are bound to find certain contents such that are invisible to the search engines. Some of the things you can find on the deep web include the content of your social media accounts, data which companies store on their private database, your email content, legal documents, and legal documents. Most of the things you find on the deep web are probably things you do not want to appear in a web search.

Can The Deep Web Be Considered Safe?

Generally, the deep web is safer than the dark web. Dark web websites are usually synonymous with crime. That, however, does not take away the possibility of risks arising from using it.

What Is The Dark Web?

You should know that the dark web and the deep web are two different propositions. It is quite common to find them both used interchangeably. However, the deep web is relatively harmless as it mostly contains digitized records and harmless data. The dark web, however, holds concerns due to the criminal activities perpetrated on it.

You should also be aware that a regular browser won’t be able to access dark websites. Dark websites make use of Onion Router hidden service protocol which is not detectable on search engines. They, therefore, offer users total anonymity while they surf the web. It should also be noted that the publishers of dark websites are generally anonymous due to the special encryptions from their protocol.

When accessing the dark web, you will not be surfing the servers you normally do. Instead, all of your actions stay within the Tor network which gives privacy and security to the users. Also, dark websites usually end with .onion as against the regular .org, or .com.

What Can One Find On The Dark Web?

There is a high level of secrecy of identity on the dark web, this is as it hosts different harmless content and activities as well as criminal ones. There are dark web websites that offer very complex riddles while others may be a research club that helps improve findings. You may also find a dark web where political agitators come to express themselves.

However, the dark web seems to be more popular for its dark content. Such contents are illegal and disturbing.

Some of the contents on the dark web include the following:

  • Illicit substance: you will find illegal drugs and substances being peddled on the dark web. Also, you could find toxic chemicals that may cause a lot of damage there.
  • Stole data: whenever a data breach occurs such as a stolen social security number or something of that nature, chances are high that it is on the dark web. A lot of things are usually sold such as Netflix accounts, and log-in Credentials.
  • Dangerous items and services: you can find things such as murderers for hire, human trafficking, body parts, and even guns for sale on the dark web.

The summary of it all is that you can get anything you want on the dark web even the kind of things you can’t imagine. One of the things that make business dealings on the dark web pretty simple is the use of Bitcoin which hides the identity of the dealers.

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Final Words

Now that you know what Google does with illegal searches, you must adopt the tips and guidelines given here to stay out of trouble. Many people get into trouble out of mare curiosity without any real intent to perpetrate any crime. Also, you should know the rules as regards what you should and should not search on the internet. And if you must search them out, please use the dark web.

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