Can You Hide Orders On Amazon App?

You might be able to delete or conceal references to the items you no longer need to see, hide something that you feel is embarrassing, or hide the present you bought to share with your child or someone else.

How do I archive my orders on Amazon app?

Go to your Account. Press the Archive Order button. Select Archive Order. Select Archived Orders from the drop-down menu. If you wish, you can un-archive orders at a later date.

How do I hide an order on Amazon 2019 app?

Go to the search bar and type in amazon.

How do I delete my order history on the Amazon App?

Amazon will not completely erase your order history, but you can hide individual purchases. From Your Account Settings, go to Your Orders or Your Shops > Your Purchase History and choose Hide Order.

Where is the Archive button on Amazon app?

When browsing, a yellow button that shows up at the bottom-right of the order you’re looking at. To hide the order, click Archive Order.

Are all Amazon orders discreet?

We are very glad that you had a chance to check the shipping of your purchase. We do not disclose our customer’s personal information or credit card to any third-party or company.

Can Amazon household members see orders?

“The Amazon Household is a safe space where every member can enjoy uninterrupted Amazon FreeTime, with a connected digital wallet, unlimited downloads and access to educational apps. Amazon FreeTime also has parental controls that filter out inappropriate content, as well as a shared digital wallet, which allows members to buy and enjoy their Amazon FreeTime programs.

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