Can You Unlink Supercell Id?

Yes, you can link a supercell. To do so, go to the settings tab and uncheck the super cell you want to delete.

Can you switch supercell ID?

If you have iCloud data, your personal data will be transferred from the old iCloud to the new one.

How do I transfer my supercell ID to another email?

In order to use a different email from your normal one, you simply need to select the Change email option and enter your new email address into the text field. You can find the Change email option by going to the settings menu located in the tab at the bottom of the screen or by selecting the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and selecting Settings.

How do I reset my supercell ID?

A lot of players have forgotten their supercell ID’s and want to delete their old account. You can reset your supercell ID if you forgot it. In the Clash of Clans settings, search for “reset ID”. You’ll then be prompted to enter your current email address or username. If you no longer have access to the email address or username associated with your old account, you won’t be able to reset your ID.

How do I delete my supercell ID?

Supercell is about to delete your account. You will be prompted to enter your Supercell ID and password. After verifying that you want to delete your account, select “Delete account” again. Your account will be deleted and can not be recovered.

How do I unlink supercell from Gmail?

First open settings in Gmail. Next, select the accounts and import tab.Under the “Check email from other accounts” heading, click on the “add a pop3 mail account” link.Enter your supercell email address and password in the appropriate fields, then click on the “Add Account” button. A verification message will be sent to your supercell email address. Open the message and click on the verification link.

How do I remove my supercell ID from another device?

To remove your supercell ID from another device, simply go to the Supercell website, log in to your account and then click on the tab that says “My Accounts”. Once your accounts are on the main page, select the device that you wish to remove the ID from. Finally, click the “Remove” button and confirm that you want to remove the ID.

How do I transfer my supercell ID to a new phone?

To transfer your Supercell ID, go to the Settings and select ‘Sign Out’ and then ‘Sign In’ on your new phone. Add in your Supercell ID, enter your password and the ID and select ‘OK.’ Now all your progress and unlocked content on your old phone will automatically be available on your new phone.

How many Supercell IDs are there on one device?

You can register up to eight Supercell Apps on one device.

How do I transfer my Clash of Clans account to another person?

Supercell is known for being a pretty strict game publisher. If your game is found suspicious, it will be banned by the anti-cheating team. So, if you want to transfer an account, you may have to work a bit harder than usual to make it work. The process is quite complex.

How do I transfer my Clash of Clans account to another device?

If you are attempting to transfer your Clash of Clans account to a new iOS or Android device, you can log in to your account directly from your new device via the Clash of Clans app. You can then select the “Sign in” option and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I transfer Clash of Clans to a new device?

You will be requested to login to your Supercell account on your old device, and then you can simply transfer the account to the new device.

How do I delete my Supercell ID and return to Google Play?

To delete Supercell, you’ll need to open the Supercell ID settings on your device. Scroll down and tap on “Delete account”. A warning will popup asking if you’re sure you want to delete your account. Tap on “Yes” and your account will be deleted.

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