Did Dropbox Delete My Account?

There’s no way to tell if the account was deleted by a human or by malware or by an automated system.

Can I recover a deleted Dropbox account?

I am having a problem with my account. Can I still recover my account?
[Answer]: Yes, you can recover your account if you have backups of your account information. If you don’t have a backup, or if you don’t have the recovery key, you can contact Dropbox support and they may be able to help you.

What happens when Dropbox disabled your account?

If Dropbox finds out that you are using Dropbox without an account, they will send you notification to warn you. If you continue to use Dropbox without an account, they will disable your account.

Where did my Dropbox go?

To fix this problem, you’ll need to go to File > Preferences > Advanced > and look for an option called “Save files as a.dbx file.” When the option is enabled, you’ll also be able to save a copy of your Dropbox offline to your desktop.

How do I get my Dropbox back?

If you’ve forgotten your Dropbox account name, you can try to find it using the instructions on this page.If you can’t find your Dropbox folder, try to find it on your computer using the instructions on this page.

Is there a recently deleted on Dropbox?

You can find this folder by going to your Dropbox home page and looking in the Recently Deleted folder.

How long deleted files can be recovered?

How long do files that are deleted usually remain undeletable?
[Answer]: Files that are deleted usually remain undeletable because they are stored on the disk drive in a form not recognized by operating systems and some data recovery software. When files are deleted, the system or operating system keeps track of the files. The computer simply does not give any indication to you, or to the administrator, that the file was deleted. Deleted files that are still in use can be recovered as long as they have not been overwritten. If the file is deleted and has been overwritten, it becomes unrecoverable.

Why did Dropbox delete all my files?

How can i delete the files?

I’m not sure. You would have to talk to the folks at Dropbox on that one.


The OP found the answer here.

I have tried to remove the folder from dropbox but i can’t seem to do it.

Why did my Dropbox folder disappear?

Your Dropbox folder has been deleted from your computer. It’s possible that the folder was accidentally deleted, or that your account was closed. If neither of those scenarios applies,
then it’s possible that there was a problem with Dropbox and your folder was deleted as a result. If you’re not sure what happened, you can contact Dropbox support for help.

Why has my Dropbox icon disappeared?

Your Dropbox icons could be hidden because it’s been moved to another folder on your computer or because it’s been removed from your computer. To check for these, open Finder and try opening the folder yourself. If you can open and use the Dropbox folder on your computer, it’s probably not missing. If you still can’t find the icon, open Dropbox.com and sign in if you’re prompted. Then search your folders by selecting the View button (the little gear icon) and searching for Dropbox. If you still can’t find the folder, check your settings.

Does Dropbox delete files after inactivity?

Dropbox does not delete files after inactivity after 120 days. However, if a file has been inactive for 120 days or more, Dropbox will consider it inactive and may delete it.

Do Dropbox files expire?

After you upload your files to Dropbox, you can access them from any device with an internet connection at any time.

How do I recover deleted files?

To recover deleted files, you need to go to your operating system and install a data recovery program. The data recovery program will scan your system and detect possible deleted files. After that, you can use the program to recover your deleted files.
Note that the recovery will only work if the file is deleted on the disk the file resides in. And it won’t work if you delete the file in the recycle bin or on the file system of another drive. Also, a data recovery program can recover only files smaller than 4MB.

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