Does Deleting Your Reddit Account Delete Your Posts?

Yes. If you remove your account it will also remove all of your posts.

Does deleting your Reddit account delete all your posts?

Deleting your Reddit account will delete all of your posts and comments. If you are not a user with a Reddit account, you won’t be able to delete your comments and posts.

How do I delete all my Reddit posts?

When you delete your account you won’t be able to access the Reddit subreddit.

Do Reddit posts get deleted?

As long as people leave their posts in the comments, other users will be able to read the message.

Why does Reddit keep deleting my posts?

It’s possible that the moderators of the subreddit may not accept your posts. To verify, click on the link in the message and see if it gets you to your post. If it does, please contact the moderators or Reddit’s support team.

Does Reddit have history?

Yes, Reddit has a history and it has been around since 2005. The website was originally created by two roommates.

Do you keep karma if you delete a post?

A post can be deleted, but your karma will not be affected.

Why can’t I delete my Reddit post?

A few reasons you might not be able to delete a Reddit post include if the post is not approved by the moderators or if it violates the site’s content policy. If you think your post was deleted in error, you can contact the Reddit admins.

How do I delete all comments and posts on Reddit?

Reddit deleted its entire website after their censorship of pro-Trump accounts, but not before they were able to leave some sort of evidence of the censorship.

Can Redditors see deleted posts?

Posts that have been made in the “r/AskReddit” subreddit are publicly viewable as are all other posts. Posts that have been removed by a moderator or administrator have the “deleted” tag as well as the red text in the post text.

How many karma do you need to post?

The real point of karma is to give people credit for their work.

What is minimum karma on reddit?

Reddit is a social news site. The more people you interact with, the more influence you gain.

Do you know who Downvotes you on Reddit?

Downvotes are a way of telling the community that something is wrong with a post. They’re typically used to determine the popularity of a post. They’re typically used to show the community that a post is incorrect or spam.

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