What Happens When You Delete A Reddit Account?

If users delete their Reddit accounts, the comments and posts with their name or link will be removed from Reddit.

What happens after deleting Reddit account?

After deleting your Reddit account, all of your posts and comments are permanently deleted. You will also not be able to log into Reddit.

Does deleting Reddit account delete messages?

Deleting your Reddit account will also delete all messages you have posted to Reddit.

Can you see deleted Reddit accounts?

If your account is deleted, the information will still be available to the moderators and administrators.

You can access the deleted account’s page from the “Mod Post” or “Mod Block” list.

Can you permanently delete Reddit account?

If you want to delete a subreddit from your account, please go to your account settings and find the “delete the following subreddit” button. Follow the steps and delete the subreddit. Your account will be deleted but your data and settings will stay.

Should you delete your Reddit account Reddit?

How much you use the site may help you decide whether or not to delete your account. If you have never posted your personal information on Reddit and have never read any of the comments left by anyone, then your account probably should not be deleted.

Does deactivating Reddit delete history?

If you deactivate your Reddit account, you will lose your history.

Can Reddit see my history?

Yes, you can view your current history of browsing by logging into your Reddit account, or by browsing from a new browser (in incognito or private mode).

Are Reddit comments really deleted?

There are a lot of comments on Reddit that are deleted after a certain amount of time. You may have seen some of them.

Are Reddit posts deleted forever?

Reddit posts are not permanently deleted. However, they may be removed if they violate the site’s terms of service.

How do I recover deleted messages on Reddit?

If you are a moderator, messages that have been deleted by other moderators will still be visible in the “mod messages” inbox. If you are not a moderator, messages that have been deleted by other users will be permanently deleted and will not be recoverable.

This is correct, so if you are a moderator, you can see all of your deleted posts. Just to emphasize that, a moderator isn’t necessarily an employee of Reddit, or the moderators of this site.

How do I nuke Reddit history?

You can nuke your own reddit history in a few different ways. One way is to delete your account and all of its associated data. Another is to delete the cookies that Reddit uses to track your activity. You could also try clearing your browser’s cache or using a different browser altogether. If all else fails, you can always try emailing Reddit support and asking them to delete your account and all of its history.

How do I delete Reddit Reddit account?

To delete your Reddit account, click on your account, hit the little arrow under settings, and then click on the tab “Deactivate Account”.

How do I delete Reddit history?

To delete Reddit history, first open the Reddit website. Then, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the website. After that, select ‘History’ and then ‘Clear all browsing data’. Finally, click and confirm.

Does deleting Reddit posts remove karma?

As is the case with all things, you can only see what you are allowed to. If you are not allowed to see something, you cannot see it. If you delete a post, you cannot see that post.

Can I see who looks at my Reddit?

You can see who is visiting your Reddit account. To view the analytics for your account, click on the “user” menu at the top of the page and select “analytics.” You’ll be able to see a list of all the websites that have linked to your account, as well as a breakdown of how many people have viewed your posts and comments.

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