How Can I Delete Contact From Telegram?

Select the contact you want to remove it from the list.Go to the top of the screen. You will be entered into the chat page. From the top of the screen, Touch three dot in the top and Select “Delete contact” from the options.

Why I cant delete contact in telegram?

There is no delete function available on Telegram. To delete a chat, go to your profile and click on Chat Settings. Click on the third tab and then click on Delete Chat from the Drop-down menu.

How can I delete sync telegram contacts?

To delete all your contacts from Telegram, go to Settings -> Chat settings -> Delete all chats and then delete your account.

Can my contacts see me on telegram?

Well, but you got to let them see your phone number.

Will my contacts know if I delete telegram?

You will not see a notification message if you do not want to delete a contact from your address book.

How can I block someone on telegram?

From the menu that comes up, tap “Block contacts”.Select “Block contacts” from the menu that pops up.

How do Telegram contacts work?

Telegram is a messaging app for private conversations. However, you can only add someone as a contact if you know their phone number or username. If you want to add them, you just need to tap on their name to add them to your contacts.

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