How Can I Delete Hike Messages From Both Sides Permanently?

On the home page. press on the contact and the pop-up options. In the pop-up option, select delete chat. You can also clear a conversation, instead of deleting one.

How can I permanently delete hike messages from server?

Press the button to reveal it. Then select erase from the menu that comes up. Or, press the button and erase them all. Otherwise, go here for to know more about this.

How do you delete text messages on both ends?

If you want to delete a text message on your Android phone, you can delete them by pressing and holding on the message you wish to delete. Then press the back arrow. You can select multiple messages at once and delete them all at once.

How do you permanently delete conversations?

To delete a thread, tap and hold for two seconds on the thread you wish to remove from the main menu. A checkmark will appear next to the photo icon for your text message exchange and an additional option bar will rise at the top of the screen. Next, select trash can from the option menu by tapping it and then ‘Delete’.

Are deleted messages gone forever?

Once the text is deleted, the data still remains on your phone. If you do not save it to remove it, you will see the messages again.

Can you delete a text message for everyone?

Is there a way for someone to un-send a text message? I do not know if this is possible. Text messages are impossible to retract once they’re sent. Tiger Text is a program that allows you to delete text messages at any time.

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