How Do I Cancel My Magicjack Account?

Login to and select the tab ‘Account’. Click on ‘Auto Renew’and if you want to turn the auto renew off.

Can I port my magicJack number to another provider?

To transfer your MagicJack number to a new service provider, you must start the procedure with your new service provider. They will handle the transfer for you! You will receive an email once we receive your request. A charge to transfer your MagicJack number is $30.

What is better than magicJack?

MagicJack is a good option for regular VoIP phone service, but Ooma Office has more features including toll-free calling, call recording, automated attendant, and conference calling making it a better decision overall.

How do I contact magicJack?

Renewals that have been processed successfully, should display on your account page right away. If the transaction was not successful, please call the number provided above and follow the instructions.

What is magicJack email address?

If you have an issue with a MagicJack user, email to report abuse. This is the address to email if you want to report third party fraud.

Where is magicJack located?

Contacting us: (888) 876-6190; Dial: +1 (561) 528-9291; Fax: +1 (561) 521-1375; Email.

What is magicJack customer?

magicJack is a voice over Internet protocol phone that uses your internet connection to make and receive calls. You plug it into your computer or modem and use it to call people.

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