How Do I Change My Youtube Brand Name?

Next to your name, open your Google Account settings. A small drop down menu that allows you to change your name will appear. Enter your new name and select OK.

How do I change my YouTube brand account?

Make sure you selected an account that you created and remember, you’ve just imported. Now, click ok.

Can I change my YouTube name without changing my Google name?

You can either edit the name of your channel manually by clicking on the menu item Edit or you can set the name of the channel using the automatic method, which is only possible for brands with more than 10 channels created.

Why is my YouTube a brand account?

When you create an account on YouTube, it will always be your legal name. It will usually be your nickname. It first appeared in 2013 when Google asked my preferred name.

How do I make my brand account my main account?

The channel name is the name of the account and channel you’ve created. You want your default or standard account to be the default channel for the website you’re using.

How many brand accounts can you have on YouTube?

Your YouTube channel could be deleted if you do not use it any more. You can also delete it if it has nothing more to display. You can find the link under Settings/Account.

How do I transfer my YouTube subscriptions to 2022?

When you want to stop subscriptions on any of your channels, you can search for the list on the YouTube website. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and there’s an option to ‘Export Subscriptions.’.

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