How Do You Take Down A Youtube Channel That Isn’t Yours?

Google can see the question and the videos on your account. It can find out which videos are violating the policies and follow-up with you.

How do you take down a YouTube channel that isn’t yours?

1. If you’d like to get more info and follow up with us, leave the form blank. We’ll find out all about YouTube, and see what videos are violating your policies, and follow up with you.

How do I take over someone’s YouTube channel?

You will need to log into your YouTube account as the Brand Owner (the owner of the brand) and select Settings > Account > Account. Then go to “Account” to view your user information. To add the Brand Manager, click the Add or remove manager icon. Enter the username in the User ID box, and your password in the Password box.

How do I remove unwanted channels?

Highlight the channel and press ‘Edit channel list’ and then scroll to the channel. Find the channel you would like to delete and press ok. Press the tick and press ok.

How many reports does it take to delete a YouTube video?

Just a single copyright or community guideline breach can disable monetization and/or delete your channel. Three or more such breaches within 90 days can mean that the channel will be deleted by YouTube.

Who is the real owner of YouTube?

The online video sharing platform has been sharing videos since 2005.

Can you find out who owns a YouTube channel?

You can find the people associated with this project from the “Permissions” tab. You can find their names and emails in the footer of the page.

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