How Do I Delete A Youtube Account Without Gmail?

The login email that Google gives you when you register your YouTube Account so that you can link your YouTube account with a Gmail address is the email address that will be used when you delete
your YouTube account.Once you’ve found the login email, go to and enter the login
email.Google will then ask you for your password.

How do I delete YouTube but not Gmail?

You can unsubscribe your Gmail from the account settings page, by clicking on the settings gear icon in the top right corner and then on “Account Settings”. The last step will be to go for the Delete Account page.

How do I delete my YouTube account if I don’t know my email?

You can find your email address on the Settings menu, then you must click on “Account.” Once there, you’ll see your email address. Select it from the list and enter it in the blank box at the top of the screen.

How do I delete a YouTube channel I no longer have access to?

If you no longer own a YouTube account, you’ll need to contact YouTube support and provide proof that you own the channel.

How do I delete my YouTube 2022 account?

To delete your YouTube account: Go to and sign in. Click on the three lines in the top left corner. Select “Settings”, Scroll down and select “Delete your account”.

Can I delete my YouTube account and create a new one with the same email?

If you want to delete your youtube account, you can. However, you might receive a warning saying that the content you have uploaded might get removed.

How do I delete an old YouTube account without password or email?

If you’ve lost your passwords or the email address associated with your account, you can’t delete them yourself. Instead, you’ll need to contact the YouTube support team and provide proof of identity.

How do I delete someone else’s YouTube channel?

To delete someone else’s YouTube channel, you have to be an administrator of the channel. Go to the channel and click the 3 dots in the top right corner. You will see a screen click “settings” and then “delete channel”.

How do I find out what email is associated with my YouTube account?

To find out the email associated with your account, go to YouTube and sign in to your account. Select “Accounts” from the top menu. Go to “Connected accounts.” Click on “Connected accounts.” Under “Email,” you will see the email address associated with your account.

How do I log into an old YouTube account without Google?

First of all, you need to find out the username and password you used to log into an old YouTube account. To find your username and password, click “Forgot Password?” on the login page. If you’re having a hard time remembering your username and password, try to use the “Forgot Password?” feature on the login page.

Is it possible to block YouTube channels?

A channel can be blocked from appearing in YouTube search results and channels search from your YouTube account settings.

Will deleting my Google Account delete my YouTube account?

When you delete your Google account, it will also delete the YouTube account you have linked to that account.

How do I delete my YouTube brand account?

You can also click the Settings button at the upper right-hand corner of the page, select Delete Brand Account and then confirm your intent.

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