How Do I Delete An Update On Gofundme?

In the Campaign Manage view, select the Campaign Update section, scroll down to your Activity tab and click on your update. Find or highlight any posts that you want to delete, then select Delete Selected Posts.

How long does it take for GoFundMe to update?

After completing the donation, this account will first undergo a review process before finalization. Please refrain from making multiple donations in succession-if you don’t see a successful donation, please report it to our support team!

Why can’t I delete my GoFundMe campaign?

You have successfully removed your fundraiser as inactive. If you are the beneficiary or team member of a fundraiser, please contact the organizer to remove the fundraiser from their account.

How do I delete an update on GoFundMe?

1. When you click on the manage view under the campaign, you can see the post.2. If you want to remove any posts, you can select to remove.

Why did my GoFundMe disappear?

We don’t know if the person who posted the GoFundMe page on the page had chosen to make it private so that only those with a link can view it, or if they have changed their privacy settings.

What is not allowed on GoFundMe?

You cannot create a campaign for a GoFundMe if your goal is to do something for a person who is accused of a crime, not convicted or has not been charged. You are also not allowed to raise money for an organization or business.

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