How Do I Delete My Child’s Fitbit Account?

Tap the Today tab, tap your profile picture. Then tap My Family. Tap Switch to Kid View.

How do I delete my Fitbit account online?

Log into from the Fitbit app on your phone. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner, then Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Delete Account.

How do I delete a Fitbit One account?

On your iPhone, open Settings app, tap your profile. On the General tab, select Apps by tapping on your profile picture. Hit the Delete All button once to clear the apps associated with your account.

How do I find my child’s Fitbit account?

Log in to your Fitbit account. Tap your profile picture on the Today page. Tap My Family from the drop-down menu beneath the name of your child. Tap Kid View.

How do I stop my kids from messaging on my Fitbit?

Sign in to your Fitbit account and tap your profile photo on the Today screen. Next, choose My Family > the name of your child. Switch to Kid View by tapping the device tile next to your kid’s photo. To turn off calls, go to Settings > Notifications & alerts. Find the option labeled Call notifications and toggle it off.

Can 2 Fitbits be on the same account?

Fitbit takes care of the heavy lifting by making sure you can easily transfer your data and sync your trackers in the background, and it even makes it possible to send data to several trackers without the hassle if needed.

How do you change Fitbit to family?

From the dashboard, tap either Accounts or Dashboard, then tap Create Family Account. Choose to create a new family, and ask yourself as the primary guardian.

What is a family account on Fitbit?

With a Fitbit family account, parents may control who their children communicate with and what information they see in the Fitbit app, allowing them to monitor their children’s activity. The Fitbit family account is now accessible through Android version 2.72 and iOS version 2.51.

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