How Do I Delete My Nintendo Eshop Account?

Select the Nintendo eShop icon on the system’s HOME menu. Scroll left.Select Settings/Other.Scroll down. Select Delete Account.Select Delete.Then select Enter Serial Number.Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the serial number of your Nintendo Account, then select OK.

How do I delete my Nintendo eShop account?

If you want to delete your Nintendo eShop account, start by going to the Nintendo eShop and then select settings. Select other. Scroll down. Select delete account. Then enter your serial number. Then select OK.

What happens if you delete your Nintendo Account?

You can delete your Nintendo Account by tapping on “Settings”, then “Privacy” and selecting the option to deactivate or permanently delete your Nintendo Account. Deactivation will be processed over a period of seven days. After this period, your Nintendo Account will be deleted permanently.

How do I delete eShop from 3DS?

Nintendo 3DS users might want to make sure they remove their account before handing over their 3DS console to a friend. To do so, access the settings page on the main menu of the store, then scroll down and select Delete Account.

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