What Happens When You Delete Nintendo Network Id?

Deleting your Nintendo Network ID will delete anything you’ve downloaded from the Nintendo eShop and you’ll also lose any progress you’ve made in games and apps.

What happens if you unlink a Nintendo Network ID?

If you delete a Nintendo Network ID, you’ll lose all of the games and content you’ve purchased with that ID.

What happens if I delete My Nintendo account?

If you delete your My Nintendo account, all of the games, rewards and points of your saved games will be cancelled and you will not be able to redownload them.

What is delete Nintendo ID?

Nintendo ID data is deleted when an account is deleted.

How do I recover a deleted NNID?

There is not a permanent way to recover deleted Nintendo Network ID, but you can try a few methods. You can try contacting Nintendo customer service and ask them to help you recover your NNID, or you can try signing in with a different Nintendo account to retrieve your NNID.

Can you make a new Nintendo Network ID?

This option is useful if you want to make a Nintendo Account and use it with multiple games and accounts.

How do I unlink my Nintendo Network ID from my 3DS?

To unlink your Nintendo Network ID from your 3DS, go to the HOME screen. Then select Settings. Next, select Users. Now select the user you want to unlink your Nintendo Network ID from, and then select Unlink Nintendo Network ID.

Will I lose my games if I delete my Nintendo account?

But if your account is deleted, you will be unable to play any more video games on that Nintendo account.

Does deleting Nintendo Account delete save data?

Deleting a Nintendo Account does not delete save data that is stored on the Nintendo Network Service.

What happens if you delete a user on Switch?

Deleting a user from the Switch system will cause that user to be completely removed and their data to be permanently deleted.

What is the difference between a Nintendo Account and a Nintendo Network ID?

Your Nintendo account is your id for when you use Nintendo’s services such as Nintendo eShop and other services. Nintendo Network ID is your login to Nintendo’s account so you can sign in to make use of online services.

Can you use the same Nintendo Account on two profiles?

You can play all of the Nintendo Switch games that you own on another device. You can also use your account on two devices.

Can you link multiple Nintendo accounts to one Switch?

Yes, you can link multiple Nintendo accounts to one Switch. It is possible to play games with friends who have different Nintendo accounts.

How do I unlink a Nintendo Account?

You need to go to the settings page on your device. There, you will see a page called “Account”. Under that, you will see the button “Unlink this Account”.

Can you transfer a Switch game to another account?

However, Nintendo does not make it easy to move games from one account to another and so you can not get free games.

Do games stay on your Nintendo Account?

Nintendo doesn’t ask you to keep games on your system to keep track of them. You have to make that choice whether or not you want to keep your games.

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