How Do I Delete My Runescape Account 2021?

RuneScape is a MMORPG that was released on the 26th of July 2001 which was created by RuneScape Entertainment. The game continues to offer the best experience to its community and players. The game itself focuses on players joining a guild, playing in groups and completing quests.

are there any restrictions on why you can’t delete your RuneScape accounts on mobile devices or tablets, etc.?

You are able to delete your RuneScape account by logging into your account on a browser or mobile device screen. Click on “Account” at the top right, then select either “Edit profile details” or “Permanently remove my RS account”. Then select either “Keep items/account” or “Delete items/account and delete personal information”. If you want to delete only the character you are playing on, then select “Delete character information”. If you want to delete all the personal information that has been submitted by you, then select “Delete personal information”. You can be eligible for membership if you have not downloaded or played for twelve consecutive months and deleted your account before its anniversary date. No one will claim an account if it has been deleted.

how long will it take before someone else claims the username I deleted from

It depends, if your display name is a premium, a name or a username. Premium accounts are re-activated as soon as 24 hours after being deleted. The name of a premium account could be changed as soon as it is deleted. Any other account could take up to 30 days to become available again.

does this make me ineligible for membership after deleting an old account?

No you can join free to the annual membership is $10 a year but there is no limit on the number of people in your family you can put on your card.

can someone else access my account afterward?

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am I able to transfer my items if I delete my account?

You can delete your account and transfer all your items into another one. But it doesn’t really make sense to do it. The only thing that makes any sense is you transfer to a different RuneScape account.

what is the best way to delete my RuneScape account?

Your best way to delete your RuneScape account is to log in to the Client Area and select the “Delete account” option. You will then be asked for your password and then click “I want to close my account”. Afterwards, you’ll be shown an additional question regarding why you’re deleting your account.

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