How Do I Delete My Smule App Account?

To remove your account from Smule, you need to navigate to the following link: Submit a request and choose “Remove.Smule Profile (Account Deletion)” from the drop down menu. Then, fill out the form to start the process.

How do I deactivate my Apps account?

There are three major things to pay attention to. One is the “Deactivate your account” button. The second is the email address you use for your account. Third, is the last step where you confirm that you want to deactivate the account.

Is smule safe?

A mobile browser that is not a total disaster, but it doesn’t work properly and might cause errors.

Can you recover a deleted smule account?

Yes, you can recover your deleted Smule account. The first step is to log into your email account and find the email that was sent to you when you first made the account. You then need to click on the “Recover Account” button and follow the instructions.

How do I log into my old Smule account?

If you are having trouble logging into your Smule account, please email [email protected] with your [username] and your [email] address.

How do I contact smule?

We will be more than happy to answer all your queries.

How can I transfer my smule account to another phone?

The website includes a “View Transaction” link in the top right corner of the homepage.

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