How Do I Permanently Delete My Smule Account?

To permanently delete your Smule account, just send an email to with the subject line “Permanently Delete My Account.” Please include your Smule username and the email address associated with your account in the body of the email. We will then permanently delete your account and all associated data.

How long does it take to delete Smule account?

To delete a Smule account, go to your user settings and scroll down to the bottom. Click on the “Delete Account” button and enter your password. Then, click on the “Delete Account” button again.

How I delete my Smule account permanently?

To delete your Smule account, go to this Smule website and sign in with your email address and password. Click on the “Settings” tab. Click on the “Delete Account” button. Follow the instructions on the screen and then confirm your decision to delete your account.

How do I delete all songs from Smule?

Open the Smule App tap on the “My Songs” tab tap on the three lines at the top left corner of the song. Tap on “Delete”.

Does Smule delete inactive accounts?

The service lets you deactivate old accounts which you no longer want to keep.

Is Smule safe?

It is a safe and secure place to share your music with others. Your privacy is always protected.

Can you see who viewed your Smule?

Yes, you can see who viewed your profile. To know the list of people who have viewed your profile, follow these steps:Log in to your Smule account. Click on the “Profile” tab.Scroll down to the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” section. The list of people who have viewed your profile will be displayed.

How do I contact Smule?

You can contact them through the Smule website at

Can I cancel Smule after free trial?

Smule will continue to function, but will do so in a different way.

How do I get my Smule account back?

You can’t access your account until you solve your account password.

How do you delete an invite from Smule?

To delete an invite from Smule, open the app and sign in, then tap on the Menu icon in the top left corner of the screen. From there, choose “My Invites” and select the invite you want to delete. Tap on the “Delete” button at the bottom of the screen.

What happens when someone blocks you on Smule?

When someone deletes a post or blocks someone, it usually means that they decided to no longer interact with you on the app. You will no longer be able to see their profile, send them messages, or join their duets.

How much does Smule VIP cost?

VIP costs $3.99/month or $34.99/year. You can purchase an upgrade to Smule VIP that unlocks premium music features for just $2/mo, which comes to $2.50 a month or $24.99 a year.

How do you logout of Smule Sing?

Open Smule Sing, then open the app on your phone or computer. Tap on three lines in the top of your screen, then select “Settings” and “Log out”.

How do I log into my smule account?

To log into your Smule account, you have to go to the Smule internet and click on the “Log In” button in the top right corner of the page. Enter your email address and password then click on the “Log In” button.

How do I stop paying for smule?

I cannot help you with this because I don’t know much about smule.

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