How Do I Delete My Xbox Profile From My Microsoft Account?

After you click on “Delete”, you will have to select one of the following: .

Is my Microsoft account the same as my Xbox account?

To get an Xbox account, you’ll need an Xbox account. Though you may use the same email address for both an Xbox account and your Microsoft account, they’re not the same thing.

How do I recover my Xbox Live account with just my gamertag?

You need to sign into your Microsoft Account – this is the email address and password you gave Microsoft when you originally signed up.

Can you separate Xbox account from Microsoft account?

It is not possible to remove a Xbox profile that belongs to another person. The Xbox profile would have to be deleted and then someone would have to create their own Xbox account.

How do I separate my email from my Xbox account?

You can remove an old email address from within your Microsoft account. Click the menu on the top right and choose Account.

Can you move your Xbox Live account to another profile?

You will need to sign in with your new Microsoft account and add a new Profile. The new profile will only be available to use when your Xbox One is not connected to the internet.

How do I find my Xbox Live email using my gamertag?

Select Profile & system > gamertag and gamerphoto > email and sign in. A new profile will be created.

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