How Do I Delete Old Data From My Fitbit App?

From your mobile app, open your Fitbit app. Tap on “Today” icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap on your account icon. Scroll down until you see “Manage Data” and select “Delete Account”.

How do I delete old data from my Fitbit app?

1. Go to your app.2. Tap on the ” Today” icon at the bottom of the screen.3. Tap on the account icon.4. Select ” Manage Data”.5. Select ‘Delete account’.6. Then the account is deleted completely.

How do I clear data from my Fitbit app?

To erase your fitness tracker, tap Settings and then the Clear Data button. When prompted, press the screen for 3 seconds and release. Your fitness tracker will vibrate when data erasure is confirmed.

How do I clear data on my Fitbit inspire?

If you want to factory reset your device, you must go to settings. Once there, you must find and select clear user data. At that point you will see a screen of instructions for the factory reset. You must hold the screen for three seconds then release it.

How do I start over with my Fitbit?

If you use a Fitbit tracker on your computer, press the button on your charging cable 3/3 of the way down from the top three times quickly in succession. The button is on the end of your charging cable that is plugged into the computer. You can feel the device vibrate when it is successfully powered up.

How do I reset my Fitbit activity?

On the home page of the Fitbit app, you can see a list of all of the exercises you’ve ever created, with a pencil to change its type. To move an exercise to the trash and delete it forever, on your Fitbit app dashboard, tap the trash icon.

How do I reset my Fitbit to zero?

You must plug the Fitbit into your computer, and then press and hold the button for 10 or 12 seconds.

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