How Do I Permanently Delete My Pubg Lite Account?

PUBG mobile was released last year and the company didn’t take long to release the game for Android. A lot of people like the game and still use it. The game came from the PC gaming community and became super popular. But the people were angry that they lost their data after the company released the game. They even wanted the data back.

How can I delete my PUBG account permanently?

It’s very difficult to delete your PUBG account on the official website. If you want to delete your account you need to contact the company and request that they delete it for you.

How do I remove a PUBG Lite account from Google?

There was a trick to get your PUBG Lite back from the Google Play Store. Just close it and reopen it. Now, find the PUBG Lite app and click on the “Install” button in the upper right corner.

How do I delete a PUBG email account?

The best way to delete a PUBG email account is to use the “Account Settings” page. To log into your account click on the “Account Settings” link in the upper right corner of the page. To scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Delete Account”. A pop-up window will appear. Click “Yes, delete my account”.

How can I delete my PUBG mobile account permanently 2020?

You may delete your account at any time. You can delete or access your account through the email address or phone message.

How do I permanently delete my PUBG account on Facebook?

You can permanently delete your account on Facebook by going to the Settings tab and the Apps page. Then, click on the PUBG app and then select “Remove” from the bottom of the page.

Can I merge two PUBG accounts?

I was going to say this was a mistake, but I was informed that this is the correct and needed information.

Can we unlink email from PUBG?

Go to the settings menu and then click accounts to find the “Linked accounts” tab. There you can see all the linked accounts that are tied to your account. You can click any of these accounts to unlink them from your account.

How do I change my PUBG login ID?

You can change your PUBG login ID for Steam. First, you have to go to the Settings page. Click on “Edit” next to your username. Enter a new name. Click on “Save”.

Can I play PUBG without Facebook?

PUBG is free to download, no need to purchase a subscription. You just need a Facebook account for the game.

Can we unblock a PUBG Mobile banned Facebook account?

If you want to unblock your account and invite it to PUBG Mobile, you must contact the PUBG Mobile team.

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