How Do I Stop Shpock Emails?

First of all click on your name at the top right to change your email settings. If you are using the Shpock app, go to settings, or if you are not using the app, go to the website. On the bottom left corner of the page you can find an option to unsubscribe from emails.

stop Shpock emails?

This will bring you to ‘Email’ in the left sidebar. There you will learn many things.

How much do Shpock charge to sell?

Shpock is a free app that allows you to sell your items. It makes selling your items easy and simple. It’s the best tool to get rid of your items.

How do I cancel a Shpock deal?

You can cancel a Shpock deal by going to the profile of the person who sent you this message and going down to see the message. Tap on it, select “Cancel Deal”.

Is Shpock better than eBay?

Shpock allows people to sell their items and earn cash. They have a social aspect, because the money is transferred to the buyer’s account in two installments.

Can I sell pets on Shpock?

This app allows you to upload pictures of your pets and use the app to list out the price and sell your pets to buyers.

What happens if you get scammed on Shpock?

Shpock is a marketplace through which you can buy and sell items. If you are scammed on Shpock, it means that the person you bought an item from never sent the item to you or the item was not as described. You should contact Shpock’s customer service team to get back your money or item.

Can you sell fakes on Shpock?

You can sell fakes on Shpock if it is your own shop. However, it is against the terms of service for it.

Can you send private messages on Shpock?

Yes, Shpock is a social market that helps you find people nearby who are selling items that you want to buy. You can send messages to sellers on the app.

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