How Do I Unlink My Pubg Account From Facebook?

I think it’s pretty easy, just go to “Settings and Privacy”>>”then “Account Settings”>>”then “Apps”Click ‘Edit’ in “Logged In With Facebook”>> then mark “PUBG” as a option>>Press “Remove”. That’s it and now Facebook will not share anymore data with PUBG.

How do I transfer my PUBG account to another account?

To start playing the game, download the new BGMI mobile app. Log in to the BGMI game using your same social media account you previously used with the PUBG mobile game. On the screen of a player, an option of Account Data Transfer will appear. Select YES.

How do I unlink my business and personal Facebook accounts?

When you want to add or change business pages, you will need to get rid of your personal account from the role of admin. To do that, click the edit button at the top of the page and choose manage administrator roles. Search for your personal account and then remove this one.

Can you unlink Pokemon go from Facebook?

If you connect multiple Niantic games to the same Facebook account, it’s possible to use them all through one login method. However, it’s possible to link each game to a different login method.

What happens when you delete PUBG account?

It is a well-known thing that players are leaving their phones on while playing, so at that moment, their accounts get suspended. With PUBG Mobile’s new ‘Unlock Codes’ feature, players get to unlock their accounts for seven days just by sharing their device’s unlock code.

How do I reset my PUBG account?

In order to clear your game progress, you need to select [Settings > General > iPhone Storage], then select [PUBG]. You will see a [clear app’s cache]. You also need to select the option [reset app].

Can I unlink email from PUBG?

You can use unlink to break all connections between a user and another user. You can use this command by itself.

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