How Do You Delete A Youtube Account If You Forgot The Password And Email?

Go to YouTube and remember your password. From there, you should change it if you have an account on youtube. Either through security question, phone number or previous activity.From there, you can either change the email or just delete the account.

How do you delete a YouTube account if you forgot the password and email?

1. Go to the YouTube login.2. Click “forgot password”. From there, I’ll show you how to reset the password.3. Either through Security Questions, phone number or previous activity on your YouTube account.4. From there, you can either chance the email or just delete the account.

How do I delete a YouTube account without Gmail?

Your YouTube account will not be deleted even if you delete Google+ account. No email or files can be lost.

Does YouTube delete inactive accounts?

If an account is discovered to be inactive and there is no activity on the account for at least six months, then it may be returned by YouTube without notice.

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