How To Play Itunes On Sonos From Iphone?

From the iPhone, select the Sonos option under Devices
Select the Add library to Sonos option
Select “Music” from the library type drop-down.
From the music list on your iPhone, select the album or song you want to play on Sonos.

How do I play iTunes through my iPhone 2021 with Sonos?

you can’t play iTunes through Sonos unless you have a computer or an Apple device.

Can I play my iTunes playlist on Sonos?

I can add my iTunes playlist to Sonos. I’ll tap “Add Music” and then “iTunes.” I’ll then select which playlist I want to add and tap “Done” to add the playlist to Sonos.

How do I connect my iPhone to iTunes?

When your computer is running, click on the iPhone icon in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window.
Your iPhone will sync with your computer and you can then select “Continue” to sync your iPhone with your computer.

How do I get Sonos to play my iTunes library?

To sync your iTunes music library (located in iTunes\Music\Artist\Album), you should be able to add your iTunes library to the Sonos app.

Where is iTunes and App Store in settings on iPhone 7?

The iTunes and App Store is located in the Settings on the iPhone 7. It can be accessed by going into Settings and scrolling down.

Why is my Sonos not connecting to Apple Music?

Connecting to your Sonos device from a computer is easy. Just open the Sonos app on your iPhone. Tap on the name of the Sonos device. If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, click on the green “Connect” button. You can also connect from an iPad or Mac.

Why does my iPhone say Cannot connect to iTunes?

iPhone cannot connect to iTunes because of USB port issues, it might be faulty or it might not be compatible with your computer, but you can try restarting your computer and iPhone, and you could try using the latest version of iTunes.

Why won’t Sonos play my iTunes library?

If your Sonos is not playing the music on your computer go to the music section on iTunes. Select “authorize this computer” and make sure you tick the box that says that your computer plays and reads music.

Where is Applications in settings on iPhone?

The Applications tab is in your iPhone’s Settings menu. You can manage what apps are on your phone by checking or unchecking which ones you want to be installed. You can also delete a specific app from your phone.

Where is the app manager on iPhone?

When you go to the settings menu, you can view information about all of your applications. If you see that the used space on your phone runs out and you don’t want an app to continue to eat up space on your phone you will need to uninstall it.
For more information about the iPhone operating system and the apps and games that you can have installed on your phone, download the “iPhone Help” app from the App Store or visit

How do you connect to iTunes?

You may have forgotten your iTunes password.
You can’t connect to iTunes because the account you use has been disabled.
The account you use is no longer available.
You’ve exceeded your iTunes account limit.

Can’t connect to Apple Music on Iphone?

If you are not logged in with the correct Apple ID, sign in with the correct Apple ID. If you are having problems with your network connection, please contact Apple Support for assistance.

How do I enable all apps on my iPhone?

You can enable all apps on your iPhone by navigating to the ‘General’ option, and then ‘Restrictions’, after which you can enable Apps. After doing so, scroll on down to the Allowed App section and toggle Apps to On.

Where do I find app Manager?

To change the app management settings
Click on Settings.

Where is iTunes and App Store settings?

To see the iTunes & App Store section, go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Click on the General option that’s on the first page. Then scroll down and you’ll find the iTunes & App Store Settings there.
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